15 True Crime Documentaries You Should Be Watching Right Now

Choose your own binge-venture with these riveting documentaries about some of the most notorious criminal cases in recent history. Stream them now on discovery+.

July 15, 2021

Broken Harts

Jennifer and Sarah Hart killed themselves and their six children by driving their SUV over a California cliff. An investigation into the tragedy revealed a decade of abuse allegations and a handful of cross-country moves when concerned neighbors asked too many questions. The heartrending two-hour special, Broken Harts, reveals the ugly truth behind the picture-perfect social media life of the Harts, exposing patterns of abuse and failures of a system that could have protected the innocent lives of Markis, Hannah, Abigail, Devonte, Jeremiah, and Ciera.

Queen of Meth

Queen of Meth is a three-part documentary series about the life and crimes of one of America's most infamous drug lords. Lori Arnold, the younger sister of actor Tom Arnold, found herself the head of a large meth operation. She lived large—sports cars, planes, horses, a car lot, expensive jewelry—all of it financed by producing and then selling 10-pound batches of meth every couple of days at her California ranch. Arnold ultimately served about 15 years across two stints in prison before getting sober and settling down. Today, she is a free woman with a story to tell.

Onision: In Real Life

Youtuber Greg Jackson, known as Onision, first began uploading his sketches and music videos to the video platform in 2007. Today, he has more than two million followers and is now facing accusations of predatory behavior towards underage fans and abuse of his romantic partners. Produced and hosted by Chris Hansen, the three-part series Onision: In Real Life dives into the last 14 years of Onision’s online (and offline) presence.

Unseamly: The Investigation of Peter Nygård

Although he was never a household name, Peter Nygård built an international fashion empire worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He spent that money to support an extravagant playboy image and a set of lavish homes - including a Mayan temple in the Bahamas.More than 80 women say Nygård has raped, sexually assaulted, or trafficked them, with the earliest claims dating back nearly 50 years. The four-part documentary explores Nygård’s life and his 2020 arrest. Peter Nygård and his legal team have vigorously denied all these allegations. As he remains in hiding in Canada, waiting for civil lawsuits and criminal investigations to proceed, the series Unseamly: The Investigation of Peter Nygård documents just what the stakes are - for him and for the women who say they were his victims.

Who Killed The Co-Ed?: An ID Murder Mystery

Faith Hedgepeth was found brutally beaten in her bed the morning after attending a rush event for a sorority and then going dancing with her roommate. It was no secret that her roommate’s ex-boyfriend was no fan of Faith’s, but semen and male DNA collected at the scene excluded the only person known to have a problem with Faith. The case of the 21-year-old’s murder remains unsolved. For more on this tragic story, stream Who Killed The Co-Ed?: An ID Murder Mystery on discovery+.

Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery

Football, fame and murder. In this two-part documentary, we examine the rise and fall of football star, Aaron Hernandez. When a friend named Odin Lloyd is found dead near Aaron's home, investigators and the media turn their gaze on the New England Patriot. At trial, a sensational family drama unfolds as Aaron's fiancé testifies for the prosecution. Later, links to another brutal slaying emerge. Stream Aaron Hernandez: An ID Murder Mystery on discovery+ now.

Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?

The whispers about Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse and trafficking of underage girls grew louder and louder in the mid 2000s, but the Palm Beach multi-millionaire managed to skirt the legal system mostly unscathed until his arrest on federal sex trafficking charges in 2019. He was found dead in his jail cell a month later. Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein? dives further into the question gripping the world: did Epstein kill himself, or was this something darker?

Family Man, Family Murderer: An ID Murder Mystery

Christopher Watts pleaded in a TV interview for his wife and little girls to be returned to him after they were reported missing in 2018. He was then arrested and charged with their murder. The family man almost immediately admitted to murdering his pregnant wife (and their unborn son) as well as their daughters before attempting to dispose of their bodies on his employer’s property. In this one-hour special, Family Man, Family Murderer: An ID Murder Mystery we explore the how this seemingly normal father snapped and did the unthinkable.

Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery

It was a case watched closely around the world as authorities sought to find a Florida toddler while her mother and grandparents proved to be less than helpful to investigators. Anthony was ultimately acquitted of her daughter’s murder in 2011. Stream Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery explore the captivating investigation with interviews from the family at the center of it all.

Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery

Jodi Arias is one of America's most notorious killers. Her trial for the murder of Travis Alexander unfolded live on TV, attracting unprecedented media attention. Viewers were gripped as they heard the story of a passionate love affair culminating in betrayal, violence, and murder. Jodi Arias was propelled to celebrity status and labeled a deviant, a temptress, a liar, and a sociopath; but is that the true story? This two-hour special, Jodi Arias: An American Murder Mystery, goes beyond the salacious headlines and asks if Jodi Arias was indeed a cold-blooded murderer or was in fact acting in self-defense.

The 93 Victims of Samuel Little

Believed to be the most prolific serial killer in the United States, Little claimed to have murdered nearly 100 women in 19 states during his decades-long crime spree. In some instances, Little’s own sketches of his victims helped solve cold cases. Authorities have confirmed Little is responsible for 60 murders, and work continues to link him to his other confessed crimes. In the 4-hour documentary series, The 93 Victims of Samuel Little, we take a deep dive inside his crimes.

Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster

The teenage loner killed his first victim just three weeks after his high school graduation in 1978. He went on to kill 16 more men and boys in Ohio and Wisconsin until his arrest in 1991. At the time of his arrest, investigators found various body parts and organs in Dahmer’s fridge.Why did Dahmer kill so many young men? How did a shy adolescent from a well-adjusted and loving family transform into one of America's most horrific serial killers? These questions and more are answered through jaw-dropping police archive, personal testimony from friends and family, including his father Lionel and exclusive interviews with two people who met Dahmer and lived to tell the tale. Watch Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster now on discovery+.

Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery

Murphy was at the height of what was looking to be a long and promising career as a film and voice actress and singer when she died of pneumonia just before Christmas in 2009. Strangely enough, her husband died of pneumonia in their home just 5 months later. As Brittany's father searches for answers, bizarre allegations against other family members come to light. In our one-hour special, Brittany Murphy: An ID Mystery, we interview the people at the center of this story and examine Brittany's heartbreaking demise.

JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery

The murder of the child beauty queen remains unsolved more than 20 years after her death. Police have considered her parents, her brother, and perhaps an intruder to be the killer, but they’ve never been able to link the crime to any suspects. Featuring rarely-shared police interrogation tapes, unsealed documents and more than 500 family photos, JonBenét: An American Murder Mystery delivers the definitive look at every angle of this tragic and controversial murder investigation.

The Grim Sleeper: Mind of a Monster

Lonnie Franklin Jr., earned his macabre nickname for taking long breaks between the killings of his victims. His known crimes began in 1985 and continued until 2007—save for a large break between 1988 and 2002. Police know he killed 10 women, but they believe he killed many more. Watch The Grim Sleeper: Mind of a Monster on discovery+ now.