The Top 9 Highlights From ‘Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda’ That ID Editors Won’t Forget

As the beloved “Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda” comes to a close, we asked Investigation Discovery staff to share a favorite episode from each of the nine seasons.

September 23, 2019
By: Christine Colby

Photo By: Screenshot from 'Chance Encounter' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'A Beautiful Shade of Death' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'Dead Man Falling' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'My First Case' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'Eye of the Beholder' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'Avert Your Eyes' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'Lockdown' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'The Case That Haunts Me' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Photo By: Screenshot from 'Cynthia' episode [Investigation Discovery]

Season 1: “Chance Encounter”

When firefighters find Victor Woods stabbed to death in his burning apartment, homicide detective Joe Kenda tracks Colorado’s most notorious serial killer. Premiered 11/29/2011. Click to watch!

Season 2: “A Beautiful Shade of Death”

When police discover the lifeless bodies of Sophia Gerardo, four children, and a housecat, they suspect ritualistic mass murder. But Lt. Joe Kenda uncovers a reality far more frightening and deadly than anyone could have imagined. Premiered 11/27/2012. Click to watch!

Season 3: “Dead Man Falling”

When a family of four is brutally murdered, it sends a shockwave of fear through Colorado Springs. Police believe they have a spree killer on their hands until Lt. Joe Kenda discovers a gruesome connection between the perpetrator and his victims. Premiered 11/12/2013. Click to watch!

Season 4: “My First Case”

In his first case with the homicide unit, rookie burglary detective Joe Kenda volunteers to work a bloody multi-victim shooting deemed “unsolvable” by the veterans. But has the ambitious young investigator bitten off more than he can chew? Premiered 11/18/2014. Click to watch!

Season 5: “Eye of the Beholder”

Kenda encounters one of the most horrendous crime scenes of his career, and he’s led to the most unexpected of killers. Then, a young soldier dies from a bullet to the neck from an apparent suicide, but the case soon spins in a whole new direction. Premiered 8/25/2015. Click to watch!

Season 6: “Avert Your Eyes”

When Pamela Edwards is found shot through the heart, Lt. Joe Kenda’s first task is to shield her young daughters from the horrendous scene. Soon police close in on her killer, ending with a white-knuckle car and foot chase across Colorado Springs. Premiered 8/24/2016. Click to watch!

Season 7: “Lockdown”

When a crazed gunman terrorizes his neighborhood, officers put themselves in the line of fire to restore order. Then a man discovers his father has been stabbed in the back. The knife itself turns out to be Lt. Joe Kenda’s biggest clue. Premiered 11/08/2017. Click to watch!

Season 8: “The Case That Haunts Me”

A woman is found in the mountains, naked and covered in blood. As Det. Joe Kenda digs into who she is and what happened to her, he uncovers a world of violence and sexual fetishes, culminating in perhaps the most intense interrogation of his career. Premiered 2/13/2019. Click to watch!

Season 9: “Cynthia”

The naked body of a vibrant young mother is found frozen solid in a deserted cemetery. When all leads dry up, the case runs cold. But years later, Kenda reopens the investigation and recognizes the sinister hallmark of a serial killer. Premiered 8/28/2019. Click to watch!