Man Wanted In Wife's Death Caught Near Mexican Border With 'Large Amount' Of Cash

Police are now taking a second look at the circumstances surrounding the death of Keel's first wife, Elizabeth “Bess” Edwards Keel.

March 19, 2019

Photo by: Lynn Keel [Pima County Sheriff's Office]

Lynn Keel [Pima County Sheriff's Office]

By: Catherine Townsend

BENSON, AZ — Days after a North Carolina man was named a "person of interest" in connection with the killing of his wife, police are taking another look at the circumstances surrounding the death of his first wife.

Rexford Lynn Keel, Jr., who goes by Lynn, was arrested in Arizona on Sunday and charged with murdering his wife, Diana Keel. The arrest happened just 34 miles away from the Mexican border. Authorites report that Keel was carrying a large amount of cash.

Keel told police he last saw his 38-year-old wife leaving their home with friends on Friday, March 8. She was reported missing on Saturday, March 9. Keel, 57, reportedly fled after a warrant for his arrest was announced.

He was taken into custody near the Mexican border after photos of Kell and his 1998 Chevrolet pickup truck were posted on social media, according to The News and Observer.

According to WRAL, Diana Keel's body was found on Tuesday about 30 miles from the couple's home. She was an emergency room nurse at the Wilson Medical Center. One of her colleagues told WRAL that Diana was “selfless’ and took compassionate care of everyone that she met. It has been reported that early evidence suggests that Diana was stabbed to death.

According to friends and family, the couple’s relationship had been rocky recently.

WRAL now reports that police are taking a second look at the circumstances surrounding the death of Keel’s first wife, Elizabeth "Bess" Edwards Keel. Bess was 42 years old when she fell down a flight of stairs at the couple's home on January 1, 2006.

At the time, the death was ruled an accident by the medial examiner — but now, friends and family say that they have always had suspicions about that ruling and are looking for answers. In a statement, Bess Keel's family said they have "always questioned Bess' death and feel deeply saddened that another life has now been taken."

Nash County Sheriff Keith Stone referenced the investigation into the death of Keel's first wife at a press conference on Sunday. "We're going to work all the leads on that and we're going to go back and look at the information we had on the first incident reports," Stone said.

Stone called Keel a "person of interest" but added that he had not been charged with anything. "We're going to talk with the District Attorney's office. It's something that we need to be looking at."

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