Two Families Were Torn Apart After A Heinous Tennessee Triple Murder

The lead investigator was moved to tears as he described the crime scene as “360 degrees of terror.”

23-year-old Keara Hazel with her two sons, Kayden, 3, and Jaylynn, 9 months old.

On Sept. 14, 2017, Jordan Hazel murdered his wife Keara and their two sons, Kayden, 3, and Jaylynn, 9 months old.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death")

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "Evil Lives Here: Shadows of Death")

Karen Griffin had never heard of Jordan Hazel when her daughter, Keara, announced that she was pregnant with his baby.

Karen was shocked, but it turned to relief as she got to know Jordan. It turned out that Keara had known the young man from Georgia for a year by the time she got pregnant. Jordan, a recent transplant to Clarksville, Tennessee, was in school and working at a pizza restaurant, which is where he met Keara. Keara was happy, and Karen was ecstatic that she would become a grandmother.

Jordan’s mother, Cindy Soliz, loved Keara and said that she fit right in with the family. It brought her joy to see her son find purpose and direction after a rough start in life. He had been the victim of sexual abuse and later suffered from a drug addiction before he served a short prison stint in Georgia for burglary and counterfeiting. It was the release on probation that spurred his move to Clarksville — he was searching for a new beginning. By all appearances, he had that with Keara and their child, a son named Kayden, who was born in 2014.

Keara leaped headfirst into motherhood, and Jordan was excited to have his own little family. Karen and Cindy were enamored with their new grandson. It looked to Cindy that her son finally had his life together. For Karen, she was excited to see her daughter start her own family.

Then Comes Marriage

Jordan and Keara married after Kayden was born and were beaming with happiness on their wedding day. Karen recalled helping her daughter get ready for the day and seeing her absolutely glow in her wedding dress as she said her vows to Jordan.

After the wedding, the pair had another announcement: they were expecting another baby. Once again, the families rejoiced at the news and were ecstatic to welcome baby Jaylynn when she was born in December 2016.

Unfortunately, things weren’t all smiles after Jaylynn’s birth. Jordan seemed different to Karen, and he told his mother he was hearing voices coming from the television and the radio. Cindy knew Jordan had heard voices in the past, but she wasn’t super concerned and encouraged him to turn the TV and radio off and move on.

Meanwhile, Karen said she began to notice bruises on her daughter and asked about their origin. Keara brushed it off, saying Jordan had grabbed her for just a second. The words from 3-year-old Kayden, however, struck terror in Karen’s heart: “Daddy hurts momma.”

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