Walmart Surveillance Captured The Moments A Man Stepped Into Danger’s Path

25-year-old Christopher Gray had plans to spend the night with his friends, so it took his family more than a day to realize he was missing.

25-year-old Christopher Gray, pictured here smiling, was last seen on Oct. 6, 2008.

In Groton, Vermont, a young man with a developmental disability leaves work and is never seen again. With no leads in sight, investigators must rely on surveillance footage to piece together the horrible truth behind Christopher Gray’s disappearance.

Photo by: Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "See No Evil")

Warner Bros. Discovery, Inc. (Screenshot from ID's "See No Evil")

Christopher Gray’s legal guardian, Annie Crowley, dropped him off at the Haverhill, New Hampshire, Walmart on Oct. 6, 2008, for his regularly scheduled shift. Crowley had known Christopher for years and became his guardian when the man tired of living with his father.

Christopher had a developmental disability and spoke with a speech impediment, but he was still able to work and had dreams of eventually having a wife and family. Crowley simply provided extra assistance and treated him as one of her own children at their Groton, Vermont home.

Christopher often made plans with his friends, so Crowley wasn’t concerned when Christopher told her that day that he was planning to go out with friends after work and probably wouldn’t come home until after his shift on Oct. 7.

When Christopher didn’t arrive home after work on the 7th, Crowley felt the unease settle in her stomach. She called his cell phone, but it went right to voicemail. She left a few messages asking Christopher to call home as soon as possible. That night, she dozed off with the gut feeling that something was very wrong.

On the morning of Oct. 8, when Christopher still wasn’t home, Crowley drove to the home of one of his friends. The friend told Crowley that he hadn’t seen Christopher since they worked together on Oct. 6, and that he hadn’t given Christopher a ride anywhere after work. Additionally, Crowley learned that Christopher was a no-call no-show for his shift on Oct. 7.

It was then that she called the Vermont State Police, and a detective there wasted no time reaching out to the Walmart store to review security footage from the night Christopher last worked.

Surveillance footage shows Christopher watching the door. He steps outside, then back inside to retrieve his coat and hat. Then, he left the store for good. Outdoor security cameras showed a small, dark sedan parked just outside the door. Christopher approached the car, and a man in a yellow coat got out of the backseat to let Christopher in. The car disappeared into the night.

The Vermont detective knew he needed the help of a detective more familiar with the Haverhill community, so he reached out to a colleague there. The Haverhill officer reviewed the footage and knew immediately who was involved. A different camera angle showed that the dark sedan was actually a honda civic with a red accent along the bottom. There was only one of those in Haverhill, and it belonged to a man named Mark Robie.

Officers in Haverhill were familiar with Robie, but there was one small problem: Robie was in the county jail, so who was driving his car?

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