'Ted Bundy: Mind Of A Monster': New ID Show Exposes The Inner Workings Of Evil

Exclusive new interviews with victims’ loved ones and shocking audio of Ted Bundy himself make “Mind of a Monster” a must-see.

August 12, 2019
Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster key art [Investigation Discovery]

Photo by: Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster key art [Investigation Discovery]

Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster key art [Investigation Discovery]

By: Mike McPadden

Throughout the 1970s, infamous serial killer Ted Bundy raped, tortured, and murdered dozens of women and girls.

The new Investigation Discovery special, Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster, takes viewers deep inside the madman’s twisted mentality by way of exclusive new interviews with those personally connected to the crimes — including friends and family members of victims who have agreed to speak for the first time.

Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster also showcases extensive archival audio of the killer himself. Viewers will hear Bundy’s first-hand testimony of what went through his head while committing his vast array of atrocities. The resulting insights are both terrifying and mesmerizing.

In addition, Ted Bundy is also just the first subject in a series of upcoming Mind of a Monster ID specials. Each show will similarly dive deep into the psychological make-up of history’s most notorious murderers.

Regarding the new series, Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery, said, “There is no question that, as a society, we are fascinated by the psychology of serial killers — both real, like Ted Bundy, or fictional, like Hannibal Lecter…. It is nearly impossible to comprehend why or how anyone could commit these kinds of acts against another human. In that regard, this new franchise will explore the psyches of these monsters in an attempt to comprehend their despicable crimes."

Ted Bundy: Mind of a Monster premieres Sunday, August 18 at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery!