ID Fans React To Possibly The Most WTF Episode Of 'Web Of Lies' Ever

After the “Love at First Text” episode, viewers expressed their shock on the internet.

September 26, 2019
Lekeishia Johnson [screenshot from episode/Investigation Discovery]

Photo by: Lekeishia Johnson [screenshot from episode/Investigation Discovery]

Lekeishia Johnson [screenshot from episode/Investigation Discovery]

By: Crime Feed Staff

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As any fan of an Investigation Discovery show can attest, the majority of the real-life stories covered in them are pretty shocking. But some are more outrageous than others.

After the "Love at First Text" episode of "Web of Lies" aired, fans took to the internet to air their reactions and disbelief. This may now be the most commented-on episode in Investigation Discovery history.

In the episode, a young single mother, Lekeishia Johnson, searched on a dating app for a prospective partner. The profile of a handsome man named Kanoa King caught her eye.

Before long, Johnson and King were texting daily. As they grew closer, King virtually introduced Johnson to his cousin, Teresa.

After three weeks of constant interaction, King reportedly asked Johnson to visit and finally meet in person. Since Johnson didn't have a driver's license, King suggested that Teresa could drive her.

With the plan in place, Johnson, with her 6-month-old baby along, joined Teresa for the drive.

What happened next left viewers reeling and feeling the need to share their feelings online.

After what Johnson endured during her experience, she says she's speaking out about it in the hope that others will exercise extreme caution when meeting people online.

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