Body Cam: New ID Series Takes Viewers On 'The Ultimate Ride-Along' With Police

The new show features police body camera footage and shows how quickly seemingly routine situations can escalate into life or death decisions.

November 07, 2018
By: Catherine Townsend

A domestic dispute call turns into a violent shooting that leaves an officer fighting for his life. A pedestrian unexpectedly pulls a knife.

An armed man vows that he'd rather die than go back to jail – and murders two officers in the process.

All of these scenes were captured on police officers’ body cameras, and all will be shown in the upcoming Investigation Discovery series Body Cam.

Described by the network as “a raw and intense look at life and death on the frontlines of law enforcement,” the series promises to take viewers on the “ultimate ride-along” as they view the life-or-death, split-second decisions that those in law enforcement are forced to make on a daily basis.

"He’s now shooting a rifle. My vest is rated for a handgun. I might as well have been in a T-shirt behind that tree," Deputy Eric Cheek of the Volusia County Sheriff’s Department can be heard saying in one clip.

The show will combine body camera footage with first-hand accounts of officers who were on the scene.

Image of footage from Officer Duman in new series Body Cam [Investigation Discovery]

Image of footage from Officer Duman in new series Body Cam [Investigation Discovery]

In the premiere episode, viewers will accompany Ohio officers into a dark residence where a man with a gun threatens a family — and bear witness to the shocking aftermath.

In addition to seeing what the officers see, viewers hear what they hear. This includes the adrenaline-fueled fast breathing and shots fired as officers walk into unknown situations.

At the conclusion of each story, emotional interviews with those who lived through the events provide additional insight into the life-changing, sometimes tragically fatal, moments.

From domestic disputes to ambushes and traffic stops gone dangerously awry, Body Cam shows how quickly seemingly routine situations can escalate into tragic altercations.

Body Cam premieres on Tuesday, November 27 at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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