15 Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Favorite True Crime Fan

Stumped on what to buy the true crime addict in your life? Our list of 15 gift options will help you discover the perfect present!

December 21, 2018
By: Christine Colby

Coffee mug

Whether you're waking up in the morning with a cup of strong brew, or sitting on the couch before bed with an Irish coffee, this mug from Look Human will let everyone know what your priorities are. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Bluestar Luminal tablets

Don't you just want to know? Whether you're testing your own home or a motel room, Bluestar Training Luminol will reveal blood stains that have been washed out, wiped off, or which are invisible to the naked eye. This product is intended for crime investigators. Based upon chemiluminescence, its unique formula qualifies it as the most effective blood revealer available on the market, for crime scene as well as forensic lab use.

Ted Bundy earrings

You may not want to wear them to your office holiday party, but who knows? These Ted Bundy earrings will let everyone around you know what a big true crime fan you are. They are 3/4" tall, and have sterling silver–plate posts.

Cereal spoon

Crafted from real antique silverware, this spoon from Sugar O Honey Honey is hand-stamped with "Cereal Killer," ransom-note style. Since they are antique, the company cautions: "No two are alike and none will ever be 'perfect' as each is a bit of artistic endeavor. I work with vintage silver and the handle styles vary. The pieces will not look new, they will look loved. Each is in very good condition, freshly cleaned and polished, but will show a little bit of wear from the years that they have aged."

Homicide Hunter socks

What true crime fan isn't enamored of Lt. Joe Kenda on Investigation Discovery's Homicide Hunter? Now Joe can help keep you warm as you snuggle in bed binge-watching episodes.

Serial Killers playing cards

Get ready for poker night with this deck of cards featuring the worst villians in the serial killer pantheon. Brought to you by Kulturmeister, this deck contains Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos, Rodney Alcala, William Bonin, Randy Steven Kraft, Donald Henry Gaskins, Ronald Dominique, Patrick Kearney, Gary Ridgway, Dennis Rader, and Edmund Kemper.

Pepper Spray

Every woman who watches enough true crime will want one of these. This pepper spray from SABRE claims to be the "#1 BRAND TRUSTED BY POLICE AND CONSUMERS WORLDWIDE - Including New York, Chicago PD, Los Angeles County Sheriff's & U.S. Marshals." It's also worth noting that their catch phrase is "Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975!" And, it's pink, so cute.

Page-A-Day 2019 Calendar

This 2019 calendar will keep a true crime fan satisfied every day of the year. It promises 365 doses of "Twisted Killers, Incredible Survivors, Unsolved Mysteries!" Perfect for keeping people away from your cube at work.

Crime Hot Sauce

This spicy condiment made by Arrogant Bastard claims it's taste will "sentence all samplers to time served in pepper-induced purgatory." Made with Crime-Lucky Bastard Ale and barrel-aged, this sauce will fire you up!

Lt. Joe Kenda tank top

My, my, my ... one just can't have enough of Lt. Joe Kenda! Proudly wear Kenda's face on your chest to proclaim your love of Investigation Discovery's Homicide Hunter.

Crime Scene Forensic Science Kit

Start 'em early! Made for 16+, this game for aspiring detectives challenges you to solve a murder using forensic testing. Contents: Complete Directions, Fingerprint Brush, Fingerprint Powder, Fingerprint Lifting Tape, Heme-Stix Blood Test, Fingerprint Evidence, and Blood Evidence (synthetic blood).

Dish towel

This folksy, hand-embroidered Charles Manson dish towel is so adorable you almost forget what he's known for. Almost, but no.

Adult coloring book

Serial Killers: Big Kid's Coloring Book might be just what you need for stress-relief. From Cat and Crow Design, this not-for-kids book contains 37 notorious serial killers for you to color in.

Black light UV flashlight

This portable light will fluoresce various body fluids such as urine, feces, and vomit, and works on almost any fabric. It can also illuminate fake IDs, currency, passports, and — scorpions? That's what they claim!

Encyclopedia of Women and Crime

Described as the "first comprehensive reference book on the topic of women and crime," this book is a must-have for true crime fanatics. You'll learn about female criminology, covering criminal offenders, policing, court cases, victims and victimology, and key figures in the criminal justice process.