Mother's Day Gifts For Moms Who Are Obsessed With True Crime

Flowers and spa days are all well and good, but not every mom wants a traditional Mother's Day gift. Here's a gift guide for the moms who'd rather spend their days binge-watching ID and trying to solve cold cases than eating yet another box of chocolates.

May 08, 2019
By: Christine Colby

Chocolate Human Skull

Or ... maybe your mom really does want chocolate for Mother's Day. If that's the case, the more morbidly inclined will love these incredible, anatomically correct human skulls, made out of the best dark or white Belgian chocolate.

They almost look too good to eat, and that's fine too. The edible varnish they're coated in makes them last for years if kept away from heat. If you can resist eating them that long! [$36.64, Conjurer's Kitchen]

Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories From Behind Bars

This cookbook has more than 65 different recipes for ramen, all devised by prison inmates. The cooks also share some of their prison stories along with their culinary expertise. Some of the former inmates are recognizable names such as Slash and Shia LaBeouf — and you know those two will have tales to tell. [$15.50, Always Fits]

#hotforholes T-shirt

The name of Paul Holes is familiar to any true-crime junkie, as he was instrumental in the long-awaited arrest of the Golden State Killer suspect, Joseph DeAngelo.

He also recently started a podcast with investigator and author Billy Jensen, called The Murder Squad.

In the media frenzy that followed DeAngelo's arrest, many fans couldn't help but notice that in addition to his other many talents, Holes is not difficult to look at. The hashtag was born: #hotforholes. [$15, DecemberJanuaryDes]

Marshall Mode EQ earbuds

These earbuds made a list of the best headphones for listening to podcasts for less than $100.

They have an equalizer that lets you select from two different sound profiles, depending on what you're listening to. They also of course have the microphone and remote needed to use with your cell phone, and a tangle-resistant cord. [$49.99, Amazon]

My My My Lt. Joe Kenda sweatshirt

We know a lot of moms who would love to be cozily wrapped up in this hoodie sweatshirt. Available in two colors, it's emblazoned with "You are the one I'm looking for." Who wouldn't want that? The sweatshirt comes in sizes S through 4XL. [$39.99, Discovery]

True Crime Club candle

This candle is perfect for your mom to light as she settles in to watch her favorite true crime shows along with a glass of wine. Or maybe she has her friends over for a true crime book club? This 100% natural and vegan candle comes in blueberry, eucalyptus, and cherry fragrances. [$6.90, Fictional Boutique]

"Evidence" bag

This replica evidence bag can be used to carry makeup, medications, credit cards — whatever you need to pack with you. It measures 7.25" by 9.5", and is make of 95% recycled, post-consumer material.

While being offered by a company that sells actual forensic supplies to law enforcement, this is not an actual evidence bag. [$7, CrimeScene]

Serial Killer Documentaries and Chill T-shirt

The perfect shirt to wear for our favorite activity. Wearing this out is an easy way for Mom to let everyone know what she likes, and to leave her alone to enjoy it. The shirt is 100% cotton and has a tearaway label, for comfort. [$20, FarmHouseKrafts]

Hotel Cecil pin

Mom can wear this pin to weed out the people who aren't as into true crime as she is. True experts will know all about the Cecil and the creepy and mysterious crimes that have happened there.

Wearing this somewhat obscure reference will be like being in a secret club — but if you know, you know. [$10.50, PolkadotsPlus]

Los Angeles Coroner lunch bag

What better way for Mom to keep her coworkers from stealing her lunch out of the communal fridge? Believe it or not, that is a crime that happens!

This lunch cooler is from the official gift shop of the Los Angeles county coroner's office, and has an official seal on it which says Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner. [$21, Skeletons in the Closet]