I'm Not Crying; You're Crying: 10 Times Police Officers Went Above & Beyond

The following stories salute law enforcement officers who protect and serve in unexpected and inspiring ways, who bring hope to a community or happiness to those in need (some of whom aren't even human).

October 24, 2019
By: Mike McPadden

Photo By: Talon, Police Officer Tom Smith, Beau [West Jordan Police Department]

Photo By: Muncie Police Officer with cats and donated supplies [Muncie Police Department]

Photo By: Mini-cruiser donated to Boston Children's Hospital [Greenfield Police Department]

Photo By: Jake DeLeo; Officer Mike Carillo [Salt Lake City Police Department video/screenshot]

Photo By: Newport PD Officers with Jayden [Newport Police Department Association]

Photo By: Officer luring pig with Doritos [San Bernadino County Sheriff's Department]

Photo By: Tyrea helping shield woman from rain [Independence Police Department]

Photo By: Paramus police with Donald C and bicycle [Paramus Police Department]

Photo By: Driver recieves unexpected cash present [Ocala Police Department]

Photo By: Bane, the hero dog [Powhatan Sheriff’s Office]

Utah Police Dog Sniffs Out "Missing" Boy — At The Bottom Of His Sister’s Sleeping Bag

According to the West Jordan Police Department in Utah, when a mom reported her young son Talon had gone missing during a family sleepover with his cousins, K9 officer Beau came to the rescue.

Beau reportedly entered the basement where all the kids had been “camping out,” sniffed around, and quickly located the boy. He was reportedly snoozing inside his older sister’s sleeping bag, where he’d been crouched down beneath her feet. [CrimeFeed]

Instead Of Cash, Indiana Police Department Asks For Cat Food For Parking Tickets

Officers from the Muncie Police Department in Indiana reportedly came up with a charitable idea after visiting the Muncie Animal Care and Service Shelter.

The shelter was running low on food and supplies for 350 cats and kittens in its care. The Muncie police announced a four-day program in July 2019 that allowed people to pay their parking tickets with cat food and supplies instead of cash.

The program reportedly yielded great results, with the police department stating, “Most of the folks that donated didn’t even have parking tickets!” [CrimeFeed]

Police Team With "Bob The Bike Man" To Donate Mini-Cruisers To Boston Children’s Hospital

According to Springfield's WWLP News, the Massachusetts-based Pedal Thru Youth organization run by Bob Charland, who is known as “Bob the Bike Man,” teamed with multiple police departments to customize and donate mini-cruisers to Boston’s Children Hospital.

The station reported that Connecticut State Police and departments from Chicopee, Holyoke, Easthampton, Greenfield, Pelham, and the Springfield Technical Community College Police each contributed a mini-cruiser.

Many patients at the hospital will be able to use the mini-cruisers instead of wheelchairs. [WWLP]

Cop Pulls Over Mom For Running Stop Sign; Teaches Her Teen Son How To Tie His Tie

In September 2019, Mike Carrillo, an officer with Utah's Park City Police Department, reportedly pulled over Christy Carter for running a stop sign.

Carter, a single mom, allegedly said she was driving her 17-year-old son, Jake DeLeo, to get assistance tying his tie for homecoming photos. Carillo reportedly asked DeLeo to step out of the car and taught the teen how to tie a Windsor knot. Carter reportedly shot video of the kindhearted gesture, which later went viral. [CrimeFeed]

SoCal Cops Give Custom Scooter To Boy With Epilepsy

The Newport Police Department in California stated that it happily donated a motorized scooter to a 12-year-old boy named Jayden. Jayden is dealing with Dravet Syndrome, which is described as “a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy.”

According to Newport police, the donated scooter was customized to meet Jayden’s specific needs. After presenting the gift to Jordan, the department posted: “Jayden’s enthusiasm was undeniable, and it was an emotional moment for all involved. We are thrilled to help Jayden have more good days on his scooter and are fortunate to be part of a community that helps us to give back.” [Los Angeles Times]

California Cops Lure Massive Runaway Pig Back Home With Poppin’ Jalapeños Doritos

The San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department recounted how deputies lured a gigantic runaway pig named “Smalls” back home with a salty treat.

According to the post, Deputies Shelly Ponce and Ashleigh Berg, “arrived at the incident location, they located the pig but had no way to gain control of the animal.” As Deputy Ponce reportedly knew where the animal lived, she “used Doritos she had in her lunch and started the trail to lead the pig home.” [CrimeFeed]

Missouri Cop Sees Teen Shield Senior Citizen From Rain, Treats Him to Dinner

In September 2019, Independence Police Officer Joe Holt snapped a photo of a teenage boy assisting a senior citizen in a parking lot by using his jacket to shield her during a rainstorm.

Holt posted the photo online along with his account of how moved he was by the teen’s generosity. After the pic went viral, Holt treated the youth and his mother to dinner. [CrimeFeed]

New Jersey Police Donate Bicycle To Local Man After His Was Stolen

After receiving a report about a bicycle theft at the Paramus Park shopping mall in New Jersey, local police reportedly pitched in and purchased a replacement bike for the victim, identified only as Donald C.

The bike, authorities said, was the victim’s only means of transportation. They reportedly donated the new one, “so he can travel back and forth to work.” [Paramus Patch]

Florida Police Department’s “Secret Santa” Operation Hands Out $100 Bills Instead Of Tickets

In December 2018, for the second holiday season in a row, the Ocala Police Department in Florida launched “Operation Secret Santa,” during which officers pulled over drivers and surprised them with a gift of a $100 bill. The funds reportedly came from anonymous donors.

Writing on Facebook, the Ocala PD stated, “In just four days, OPD distributed $5,200 in $100 bills to citizens throughout our city via random acts of generosity.” [CrimeFeed]

"Job Well Done!" K9 Officer Rescues Missing Kids, Gets Ice Cream Reward

After a pair of 8-year-olds wandered dangerously deep into a wooded area in Powhatan, Virginia, family members spent 45 minutes combing the area before calling police.

Once the local K9 unit showed up, four-legged officer Bane led his partner, Deputy Quinn Pasi, through the trees and right to the kids, who were returned home safe and sound in under 15 minutes.

As a reward, Bane got his own special order of Chik-Fil-A ice cream. The happy hero wolfed down the treat while all involved congratulated him on a “job well done.” [CrimeFeed]