Cop Pulls Over Mom For Running Stop Sign; Teaches Her Teen Son How To Tie His Tie

Video of the Utah teen's roadside dressing lesson has reportedly gone viral.

September 27, 2019
Jake DeLeo; Officer Mike Carillo [Salt Lake City Police Department video/screenshot]

Photo by: Jake DeLeo; Officer Mike Carillo [Salt Lake City Police Department video/screenshot]

Jake DeLeo; Officer Mike Carillo [Salt Lake City Police Department video/screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

Video of a Salt Lake City police officer teaching a teenager how to knot his tie properly during a traffic stop has gone viral, according to KSTU-TV.

Seventeen-year-old Jake DeLeo was reportedly stressed and running late to join friends for homecoming photos because he didn't know how to tie his tie.

When instructional YouTube videos failed to help, DeLeo's mom, Christy Carter, reportedly told her son to hop in the car so she could drive him to a friend's house for assistance.

Along the way, Carter allegedly didn't make a complete stop at a stop sign, which reportedly attracted the attention of Senior Officer Mike Carrillo.

Upon pulling Carter over, Officer Carrillo reportedly talked to the mom and son and said he could sense Jake was under pressure. "He was upset," the officer told Salt Lake City's KSTU-TV. "I didn't think that giving his mom a citation was going to help issues any."

DeLeo said he explained the knotty fix he was in and asked the officer if he knew how to tie a tie. Carrillo reportedly assured him he did.

Going above and beyond the call of duty, Officer Carrillo then instructed DeLeo on how to tie a Windsor knot. Carter captured the moment with her cellphone camera. In the footage, she can be heard saying, "It's not every day you have a police officer tying your tie for homecoming, Jake."

The Salt Lake City Police Department later shared the story, and it reportedly went viral.

In their post the department wrote: “Officers like Mike Carrillo of the Park City Police Department’s Uniform Section are the kind-hearted Officers who quietly do good deeds for Parkites in need. We are proud of Officer Carrillo and his actions to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one. Our thanks to Christy Carter for highlighting the often unnoticed.”

Carter reportedly said she's a single mom and, with her son's father not around, she simply didn't know how to help her son this time. "Everybody learned from their dads, or whatever," DeLeo told KSTU-TV.

"I'm a pretty can-do single parent, and he's a very independent kid who knows a lot on his own," Carter told KSTU-TV. "So when he does need help, it's not very often."

Officer Carillo said the encounter and the impromptu teaching opportunity moved him. "To make an impression on someone's life — I'm always wanting to help people," he told KSTU-TV. "So it hit home for me."

On top of that, DeLeo will always know now how to tie a tie.

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