Florida Police Launch Operation Secret Santa & Hand Out $100 Bills Instead Of Tickets

Cops in Florida went on a special mission to spread holiday cheer in the community they serve.

December 21, 2018

Driver receives unexpected cash present [Ocala Police Department/screenshot]

Driver receives unexpected cash present [Ocala Police Department/screenshot]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

OCALA, FL — Cops in Florida went on a special mission to spread holiday cheer in the community they serve.

The Ocala Police Department recently kicked off their 2nd Annual Operation OPD Secret Santa with sacks full of money.

“In just four days, OPD distributed $5,200 in $100 bills to citizens throughout our city via random acts of generosity,” law enforcement boasted on Facebook. The surprise gifts, added officials, were “made possible by several anonymous donors.”

In one body cam video the OPD shared on social media, Sergeant Eric Hooper pulled over a driver to let her know her vehicle’s tags were expired. “I know the holidays are coming up with Christmas and everything, but you do need to get that taken care of,” he warned. But instead of issuing a ticket, he asked, “Y’all ready for Christmas?” When the woman answered, “Not really,” he gifted her a $100 bill on behalf of the police department, leaving the grateful motorist practically speechless.

In another touching interaction caught on camera, an officer stopped a lady in a parking lot, and she burst into tears after he handed over the cash. A woman with her can be heard telling the policeman that “she really needs” the unexpected windfall.

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