Cops Who Care: 10 Times Officers Went Above & Beyond To Help In Their Communities

The following stories salute law enforcement officers who protect and serve in unexpected and inspiring ways, who bring hope to a community or happiness to an individual in need (some of whom aren't even human).

September 24, 2019
By: Mike McPadden

Photo By: Santa Rosa deputies rescuing missing child [Santa Rose Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: NYPD officers and EMS workers with mom and her family [NYPD 41st Precinct]

Photo By: Rescued kitten [Suffolk County Police Department]

Photo By: Santa Rosa police officers with Saphira [Santa Rosa Police Department]

Photo By: Norfolk Police officers lip-syncing [Norfolk Police Department]

Photo By: Stone Cold Steve Opossum [Quincy Police Department]

Photo By: Daughters with Jose Lopez and Officer Sean Pfeiffer [New Jersey Transit Police]

Photo By: Bones the Cat Burglar [Collier County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Emaan and Alizay and officers [Naperville Police Department]

Photo By: Officer Dan McGinty and skunk [Cambridge Police Department/screenshot]

Quick Rescue Of Missing 3-Year-Old With Special Needs By Florida Police K-9s

To help locate a 3-year-old autistic boy who got lost in the Florida woods, the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office said it deployed its K-9 unit, and the bloodhounds led them to the toddler in under a half-hour.

Sheriff Bob Johnson told The Miami Herald, "Once the dog hit the ground, it was 28 minutes until we got the child."

The boy, found amid brush and "nasty moss," suffered only scratches and insect bites, police said. Deputies reportedly gave him a life-size stuffed animal to commemorate the big day.

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NYPD Cops Deliver Healthy Baby Outside Police Station

According to authorities in New York, an expectant Bronx mom rushing to the hospital in a taxi on September 14 didn't make it. Instead, she reportedly delivered a healthy baby boy on the steps of the Hunts Point police station house with the assistance of three NYPD officers.

The officers have been dubbed the "Trimester Trio" for their efforts in first delivering the baby, then getting him safely to Lincoln Hospital along with his parents and 3-year-old brother.

Officer Rafalina Collado-Gomez, a mom of three who assisted in the birth, told The New York Post, "The cab driver dropped her off, and she was basically in labor. She sat on the ground, and the baby came out, everything came out."

NYPD News later tweeted: "Baby, mommy, and cops are doing well."

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The Great Long Island Leaf Blower Kitten Rescue

Responding to a call about a meowing feline caught in a storm drain, two New York police officers reportedly rescued the lost kitten with a leaf blower borrowed from a nearby resident.

One Suffolk County officer reportedly climbed into the drain and used the blower to coax the kitten in the direction of his partner. Once the cat was in reach, the other cop scooped up the feline. A Good Samaritan then reportedly took the tabby to a veterinarian.

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California Police Surprise Toddler Allegedly Injured by Accused Drunk Driver

A 2-year-old girl, allegedly struck by a suspected drunk driver, received a surprise visit from California police officers who helped save her life, according to the Santa Rosa Police Department.

Saphira was injured in July while walking near a mall with her grandmother, police said. Saphira reportedly returned home in August after extensive medical treatment and a long hospital stay.

Two months to the day after the accident, officers from the Santa Rosa Police Department reportedly showed up with treats and smiles for Saphira.

In a Facebook post, the department wrote, in part: "We are happy to report that Saphira is almost fully recovered. She enjoyed spending time with the officers who responded that day and was treated to a few gifts from Disney!"

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‘Uptown Funk’: Virginia Police Officers Win TV Lip-Sync Contest

A Virginia police department reportedly won a national lip-sync contest with their rendition of "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.

The Norfolk Police Department video initially went viral in 2018. It was then broadcast as part of the CBS special "Lip Sync to the Rescue," in which viewers voted for, "their favorite video of performances featuring first responders channeling their inner pop stars and lip-syncing to hit music."

Just before airtime, Bruno Mars himself posted the video on his Facebook page and wrote, "Check out Norfolk Police Department tonight. Y'all got this."

The pop superstar proved to be correct, as the Norfolk PD reportedly took the title and a $100,000 prize.

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Massachusetts Police Department Awards Championship Belt To 'Stone Cold Steve Opossum'

According to the Quincy Police Department in Massachusetts, Officer Tim Kaes rescued a baby opossum on a dark street after noticing its two siblings had succumbed to the elements.

Due to the late hour, no animal shelters were able to accommodate the tiny opossum. Instead, Officer Kaes took the critter home, where his adoring family named him "Stone Cold Steve Opossum."

The next morning, Stone Cold took up residence at the New England Wildlife Center.

A few days later, Officer Kaes visited his marsupial pal, reported the animal was "resting like a champ," and presented Stone Cold with a professional-wrestling-style championship belt.

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New Jersey Transit Cop Reunites Homeless Man With Daughters After 24 Years

A homeless man who had not seen his daughters in 24 years was successfully reunited with them thanks to a New Jersey Transit Police officer, authorities said.

José Lopez, 61, reportedly lost touch with his family after he relocated to Miami. Once there, Lopez had a series of strokes that left him homeless, according to CBS News.

Determined to see his daughters again, Lopez reportedly traveled by train to New Jersey in early September. Upon arrival at Secaucus Junction, though, Lopez could only remember that his family had some connection to Bradley Beach, ABC News reported.

An individual working in crisis outreach reportedly brought Lopez to the police department.

According to the New Jersey Transit Police, Officer Sean Pfeiffer made several cold calls around the Bradley Beach area before finally connecting with Lopez's daughter.

Before reuniting the family, Pfeiffer treated Lopez to a shave, haircut, and new clothes. Lopez reportedly even got to meet his grandchildren for the first time.

"I'm thinking I'm in heaven," he told CBS News. "I got my two best girls [back]."

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Suspected Cat Burglar Turns Out To Be An Actual Cat

A Florida sheriff's office said deputies responding to a call about suspicious noises at a local home nabbed a "cat burglar" in the act — but it turned out to be an actual cat!

In a Facebook post, the Collier County Sheriff's Office said deputies responding to the residence discovered, "a small feline was the culprit behind the disturbing sounds that prompted the call. The 'cat burglar' was quickly detained and turned over to Collier County Domestic Animal Services for safekeeping and fur-ther questioning."

The sheriff's office later updated the post: "Great news! Our cat burglar was micro-chipped. He has been identified as Bones, and our partners at D.A.S. are in the process of contacting his owner!"

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Chicago-Area Police Help Girls' Lemonade Stand Raise $350 After Stolen Collection Jar

In the Chicago suburb of Naperville, police turned lemons into lemonade by donating money after a charity lemonade stand operated by two young sisters was robbed.

Eleven-year-old Alizay told Chicago's WBBM-TV she and her sister Emaan set up the stand to benefit the hunger-relief organization Feeding America.

After two and a half hours of hard work, Alizay said teenagers allegedly made off with the $9 in the stand's collection jar.

The following week, a neighbor allowed Alizay and Emaan to set the stand up at a busy location in front of his house. When Naperville police officers heard about it, they dropped by with $170. Their presence attracted more customers, and, in total, the girls reportedly raised $350 for Feeding America.

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Helpful Massachusetts Cop Comes To Skunk's Rescue, Gets A 'Stinky' Reward

A cop in Cambridge, Massachusetts who came to the rescue of a skunk with a yogurt cup stuck on its head reportedly got a very special thank-you from the animal: The skunk sprayed him.

In a Facebook post, the Cambridge Police Department shared a video of Officer Dan McGinty's stink-and-rescue mission. The post read, "McGinty heroically stepped up and attempted to successfully pull off the cup without any consequences. While we are happy to report that the skunk was freed and uninjured, Officer McGinty's good deed led to a stinky punishment (and multiple showers). Special shout out to our fleet maintenance crew, too, as they had to tackle the de-skunking of Officer McGinty's vehicle."

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