Charles Manson's 'Daughter' Joins Others With Claims on Remains & Estate

January 29, 2018
By: Mike McPadden

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Rebecca Evans and her alleged half brother Matthew Roberts [screenshot]

Rebecca Evans and her alleged half brother Matthew Roberts [screenshot]

Photo by: Daily Mail

Daily Mail

Rebecca Evans and her alleged half brother Matthew Roberts [screenshot]

LOS ANGELES, CA — Rebecca Evans, 48 (above, right), is the latest addition to those claiming to be the biological offspring of deceased cult leader and mass murder mastermind Charles Manson.

Manson died November 17 from colon cancer and heart failure. He was 83. His corpse has remained in cold storage since then.

In the wake of Manson’s passing, men claiming to be the notorious madman’s son and a grandson have spoken up; Evans is the first alleged daughter. Each is voicing claims to their rights regarding Manson’s remains and estate.

Evans says her mother was a Manson disciple named Andrea Kavakow, and that she was born to her at the Spahn Movie Ranch, once the homicidal hippie cabal’s headquarters. In terms of legal issues, Evans stated:

“I am Charles Manson’s daughter, I’m a possible heir, it’s something I’ve had to grow to live with. I’ve got as much right as the next person to stake a claim to his estate, and I plan to do so. I’m looking for legal representation and want to throw my name in the mix.”

Backing up Evans’ assertions is Matthew Roberts, 49 (main photo, left), an L.A.-based musician who says he is Charles Manson’s son and also should be an heir.

The theortical half-siblings have become friends and are planning to attend a court proceeding on the matter this week, where Evans will enter her information for consideration.

Shortly after Evans emerged in the news last week, another alleged Manson “son” spoke out about his rights. Valentine Michael Brunner, 49, first came forward in 1993 to state he is the child of Manson and follower Mary Brunner, but he’s since kept quiet.

Now, apparently, Brunner is incensed at the fact that Manson buddy and memorabilia dealer Michael Channels claimed to be named in an official will as the diabolical figure’s sole heir.

Brunner’s lawyer said:

“He wants a quick, dignified cremation. He does not want this dragged out, and he definitely does not want memorabilia collectors ghoulishly making off with the body.”

In addition to Manson’s supposed children, his “grandson,” 41-year-old MMA fighter Jason Freeman, has also filed a probate case, aiming to win custody of the body.

Freeman shares concerns about the “freak show” potential of Charles Manson’s remains, expressing worry about the final resting place becoming a macabre tourist destination. He told the press:

“We don’t want people having my grandfather as a showcase. I personally don’t want to be the guy that put my grandfather’s remains in somebody’s community. I would never be looked at the same.”

Rebecca Evans, meanwhile, believes she and Roberts should be given top priority.

Talking to The Daily Mail, Evans said:

“I know a lot of people have come forward saying they are an heir, but I believe, due to everything I’ve been told, I have a right to stake a claim…. Matthew and I have talked at length about how it feels to be a child of Charles Manson, he’s helped me open up about it … I do intend to get legal representation with Matthew Roberts and weigh up my options and we’ll take it from there. We want to fight this together.”

The next scheduled court hearing will take place on February 2, 2018. Manson himself remains on ice. Stay tuned.

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