Tejano Music Queen Selena Was Shot To Death By The President Of Her Fan Club Nov 2, 2018

By: Emily Kaiser

As Selena ran from the room, Yolanda Saldivar shot her in the back. Selena died in a hospital due to a loss of blood and cardiac a …

5 Little Known Facts About David Koresh & The Waco Siege Nov 9, 2018

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After ascending to the peak position of the Branch Davidians in 1990, Vernon Howell legally changed his name to David Koresh. Cour …

If O.J. Simpson Didn't Do It, Then Who Did? Oct 5, 2018

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Let's say O.J. Simpson is innocent. In that case, who did it? We explore some of the other theories as to who murdered Nicole Brow …

Matthew Shepard's Ashes Will Be Laid To Rest At Washington National Cathedral Oct 12, 2018

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Twenty years after he was tied to a fence and left to die, Matthew Shepard's remains will be interred at Washington National Cathe …

Who Are The 2 Amateur Genealogists Who Are Solving Cold Cases With DNA? Oct 10, 2018

By: James Renner

Markers found in Lyle Stevik’s DNA matched to probable distant cousins in Northern New Mexico and the greater Four-Corners area.

A Look Back At Nikko Jenkins, Psychopath Who Killed For Egyptian Serpent God Sep 14, 2018

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The double murder was just the beginning of a killing spree started by Nikko Jenkins, a serial killer who cut off his own penis to …

Ted Bundy Grew Up Thinking His Mother Was His Sister & Other Disturbing Details About His Childhood Sep 27, 2018

By: Crime Feed Staff

To learn more about Ted Bundy, watch the "Angel of Decay" episodes of Investigation Discovery's "Serial Thriller" on ID GO now!

Dorothy Stratten: The Horrifying Centerfold Murder In Pop Culture Sep 20, 2018

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The heartbreaking and stomach-turning undoing of Dorothy Stratten immediately mesmerized the public.

Fatal Blonde: The Outlaw Cinema Of Anna Nicole Smith Sep 24, 2018

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Anna Nicole Smith captivated humanity first as a superstar Playboy Playmate turned high fashion model, and then as a reality-TV st …