5 Ways 'True Detective' Season 3 Is Like The West Memphis Three Case Jan 11, 2019

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Charles Manson Funeral Photo: Open Casket Ceremony Followed By Cremation Apr 12, 2019

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What Was A Supernatural ‘Hand Of Glory’ & How Did It Make Criminals So Powerful? Oct 22, 2018

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5 Little Known Facts About David Koresh & The Waco Siege Nov 9, 2018

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Where Is Susan Smith Today? Oct 26, 2018

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In 1995, Susan Smith was convicted of drowning her two young sons. What is her life like today?

Experts: Scott Peterson Is A Sociopathic, Narcissistic "Mama's Boy" Oct 5, 2018

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To learn more about this case, watch "Scott Peterson: An American Murder Mystery" on ID GO now!

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