Video: Shocking Footage Shows Bullies Pointing Gun At 13-Year-Old Autistic Boy's Head

Emily Bridges of Independence, Missouri, says that her son is in seventh grade and on the autistic spectrum.

October 24, 2018
screenshot from video showing gun to the boy's head [Fox 4]

screenshot from video showing gun to the boy's head [Fox 4]

screenshot from video showing gun to the boy's head [Fox 4]

By: Catherine Townsend

INDEPENDENCE, MO — A mom is furious after a group of bullies were caught on camera taunting her 13-year-old son and holding a gun to his head.

Independence police have a 17-year-old and two minors in custody after the video began circulating on Facebook, according to Fox 4. Detectives are questioning the kids shown in the video.

The boy’s mother, Emily Bridges, said that her son Darren is in seventh grade and is on the autism spectrum.

She told Fox 4 that she did not know why her son had bruises on his face – and was shocked when her younger son showed her the video.

The video shows Darren kneeling while people circle around him, yell “racial slurs,” and order him to kiss their feet.

Then, an unidentified person pulls out a gun and holds it against the teen’s head. Someone else punches her son, and at some point his money was stolen.

"It`s sad that other kids think it`s OK to treat people that way," Bridges told the TV news station.

She added that police did not seem alarmed by her son’s treatment. "He just really said that they're minors. There`s not a lot that happens to them," Bridges said.

Upset after learning that her son’s tormentors would probably only have to do community service, she says that she went back to police.

She urged other parents to take action, saying that she feels that some teens “don't have parents that care.”

After the video went viral, Bridges thanked members of the community for their concern and support.

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