Arizona Cop Fired For Using Body Cam To Make Sex Video While On Duty

August 17, 2018
By: Mike McPadden

Anthony Doran

Photo by: Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Anthony Doran

SUPERIOR, AZ — According to official court documents, a rural Arizona police officer was relieved of duty after he used his official body camera to film himself having sex in his office while on duty.

Authorities have now released a censored version of the video.

In March 2018, the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office targeted Officer Anthony Doran of the Superior Police Department in a probe after another officer allegedly discovered the sex video while using Doran’s computer for official business.

The four-minute video is dated April 2017. It reportedly depicts Doran, who was the department’s second-in command, wearing his official uniform shirt, but no pants or underwear. The official report states:

“Anthony is sitting in an office chair, and straddling him is a naked adult female (who is not a police employee).”

A further examination of Doran’s computer turned up a folder titled “Fun Times” that reportedly contained over 36 gigabytes of images. Among the images were miscellaneous pornography, Doran holding his erect penis, and pictures of a naked girl estimated to be about five years old. Upon that discovery, the matter was referred for criminal investigation. No charges were filed, but Doran did lose his job last April.

Doran admitted to making the sex video, but has stated that he did not deserve termination. He said a one-week suspension would be more appropriate. He also said the porn had “nothing to do with” his job.

In addition, Doran said the naked girl in the photos is his daughter and that the images are not sexual or prurient. Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer said a detective confirmed that the pictures could “not be classified as child exploitation.”

Apparently, this is not Doran’s first police-force firing for sexual misconduct. In 2013, the Pima County Sheriff’s Office reportedly terminated Doran for sending explicit text messages and for “inappropriate contact with a woman while on duty.” According to an Internal Affairs report, the contact took place in Doran’s patrol car where he and the female were engaged in “heavy petting.”

These matters have all come to light in the wake of a civil suit filed by a Superior resident that alleges Doran and three other officers engaged in excessive force.

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