Cops: 11-Year-Old Boy Home Alone Thwarted Invading Burglar With Machete

The boy later told the press, “I knew I had to act in the heat of the moment; always have your kids prepared for anything.”

June 19, 2019
Braydon Smith [WFMY/screenshot]; Jataveon Dashawn Hall [Orange County Sheriff's Office]

Photo by: Braydon Smith [WFMY/screenshot]; Jataveon Dashawn Hall [Orange County Sheriff's Office]

Braydon Smith [WFMY/screenshot]; Jataveon Dashawn Hall [Orange County Sheriff's Office]

By: Mike McPadden

MEBANE, NC — Authorities say a man broke into a North Carolina home last Friday and was confronted by an 11-year-old resident who whacked him in the head with a machete.

The failed burglar then allegedly went to a local hospital, where he was arrested — but later escaped. Cops say they caught the suspect two days later and he now remains in custody.

According to the Burlington Police Department, Jataveon Dashawn Hall, 19, is accused of entering the residence through a window while another accomplice rang the doorbell and a third waited nearby. Eleven-year-old Braydon Smith, who was home alone, called his mom as it happened and she, in turn, had someone call 911.

Once inside the house, police say, Hall allegedly used a pellet gun he found in the living room to force Braydon into a closet. Braydon said he kept cool because he knew the pellet gun wasn’t loaded.

Braydon said, “When he went into the living room and turned his back to me I grabbed my machete and ran into the living room and hit him.” After a melee during which Hall allegedly kicked Braydon, and the boy took another swing but missed, the would-be thief is said to have noticed he was bleeding, dropped everything, and took off.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office alleges that Hall rushed to UNC-Hillsborough Hospital to seek treatment for his injury.

While doctors were attending to Hall’s wounds, police reportedly sent his description to area hospitals and obtained an arrest warrant. Staffers working on Hall alerted the cops they thought they had the suspect, and he was taken into custody upon being discharged.

Authorities said Hall’s wounds, however, required further care. He was then transferred to a second hospital, from where he reportedly managed to escape.

After 40 hours of searching, police said they recaptured Hall at his mother’s apartment on Sunday morning. The other two suspects reportedly remain at large.

Afterward, Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood told the press, “This is very tough kid who kept his wits about him… Not only did this youngster thwart the larceny attempt, he created blood evidence that very well may lead to a conviction in this case.”

Still, Blackwood advised caution going forward, saying, “At the same time, I want to reflect that this youngster, his family, and, indeed, this community, are very lucky this event did not have a tragic ending for the child.”

Talking to a reporter, Braydon Smith gave advice to the accused suspect, saying, “You shouldn’t have done what you’ve done. You’re better off to get a job than breaking into other people’s house.”

The preteen hero further added, “I knew I had to act in the heat of the moment. Always have your kids prepared for anything.”

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