Video: Woman Led Police On High-Speed Car Chase With Her Baby In The Back Seat

Police say that Caitlyn Rodriguez, who led police on a high-speed car chase with her baby in the car, had several outstanding warrants.

September 04, 2018

Photo by: Texas Department of Public Safety ( screenshot from footage)

Texas Department of Public Safety ( screenshot from footage)

By: Catherine Townsend

SAN ANTONIO — The Texas Department of Public Safety has released a disturbing new video of a female suspect who led police on a high-speed car chase with a baby in the back seat.

Aerial footage of the case, which was released by Texas DPS last week, shows an SUV speeding down Old Pearsall Road in San Antonio. The video appears to show the driver, who was identified by DPS as Caitlyn Rodriguez, driving a black SUV at high speeds.

Police chased Rodriguez at speeds that reached 100 miles per hour and tried to stop her using spike strips, but she kept going. Eventually, she crashed into a truck.

But the chase was not over: Rodriguez then went into the back seat of the car, grabbed a baby, who was still strapped into a car seat, and then started fleeing on foot. She then allegedly tried to carjack another driver before state troopers were able to arrest her.

Police say that Rodriguez had several outstanding warrants and now faces numerous charges.

According to authorities, the baby is safe.

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