Caught On Camera: Miami Sex Fetish Club Owner Convicted Of Murdering Roommate

Luis Moya ran the Hammer & Nails club, a “dungeon” that featured electric-shock equipment, cages, and even a coffin.

July 01, 2019
Mug shot of Luis Moya [Miami Dade Corrections]

Photo by: Mug shot of Luis Moya [Miami Dade Corrections]

Mug shot of Luis Moya [Miami Dade Corrections]

By: Catherine Townsend

MIAMI, FL — A Miami sex fetish club owner was convicted of murdering his former roommate after jurors saw shocking video of him dumping her body, according to the New York Post.

Luis Moya, 52, was convicted on Wednesday of murdering 21-year-old Ana Rosa Moreno. Moreno's body was found on the 2900 block of Southwest First Avenue on December 15, 2018. An autopsy revealed that Moreno had been strangled.

Moya and Moreno met on Craigslist, the Miami Herald reported. He told her that he was a wealthy 37-year-old Brazilian businessman, according to court documents.
In fact, Moya ran the Hammer & Nails club in Wynwood, a “dungeon” that featured electric-shock equipment, cages, and even a coffin.

In 2016, the Miami New Times interviewed Moya, and he described the club as a "safe space" for those who enjoy BDSM, or bondage and sadomasochism. “People think BDSM has to give someone pain all the time, but it has nothing to do with that,” Moya told the newspaper.

The article said of Moya: "He says being a dom is like being a psychologist or doctor; he does not discriminate with his services, and just like a physician, he says, he wants to help everyone he can."

In the article, Moya is described as a "former military brat" who is originally from Manchester, England.

“The majority of BDSM is about having control over someone’s feelings and beliefs and making them feel awesome. We’re humans; sex is a part of every human’s lifestyle," Moya said.

Prosecutors stated that Moya became enraged after Moreno moved out of the residence they shared. Moya told police that after meeting Moreno, she accompanied him back to his house and demanded that he give her money before asking him to drop her off. He then claimed that once they reached The Roads neighborhood, she got into someone else's car and left.

But Moya did not realize that he had been caught on camera.

In court, prosecutors showed jurors surveillance footage that showed him dumping the victim's body before leaving the scene in her car, a Honda Accord. Prosecutors also presented evidence including toll records and text messages of his angry exchanges with Moreno — as well as Google searches performed to research how to disable the GPS in the victim's car.

Moya is due to be sentenced on July 19. He faces life in prison.

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