Michigan Mom Kills Her Three Young Daughters & Herself With Hunting Rifle

Police say Aubrienne Moore shot her kids in the woods, then drove to boyfriend’s home and committed suicide.

February 21, 2019

Aubrienne Moore [screenshot from Wood-TV video]

Aubrienne Moore [screenshot from Wood-TV video]

By: Mike McPadden

SOLON TOWNSHIP, MI — Authorities report that a Michigan mom fatally shot her three young daughters in a wooded area with a hunting rifle, and then drove the dead kids to her boyfriend’s home, where she parked outside and then shot herself.

The boyfriend, who was the father of the youngest victim, reportedly discovered all four bodies inside the mother’s vehicle about an hour-and-a-half later.

Kent County Sheriff's Sgt. Joel Roon identified the mother as Aubrianne Moore, 28, and her children as Kyrie Rodery, age 8; Cassidy Rodery, age 6; and Alaina Rau, age 2.

The police further stated that Moore was held for 10 days at the Forest View Psychiatric Hospital last September, after a social worker reported, “I believe the individual has mental illness and as a result of that mental illness the individual can reasonably be expected within the near future to intentionally or unintentionally seriously physically injure self or others.”

Moore reportedly left no note, and police did not offer a direct motive. Kent County Sheriff Michelle LaJoye-Young, however, did tell the press: “Mom appears to have been struggling with pretty substantial mental health issues. She had some postings on Facebook and things like that that lead to believe she was paranoid and thought that the kids were in jeopardy somehow. We suspect that led to the events this day.”

Paranoia had also been mentioned in the petition to have Moore committed, as the social worker wrote, “Aubrianne is keeping her kids home from school because the television told her there would be a school bus accident today. Aubrianne stays awake at night believing people will break into her home. Aubrianne is not eating believing food is being poisoned.”

Sheriff LaJoye-Young said she and her fellow officers are deeply saddened, stating, “This is a very difficult case. Investigators are feeling it. It's heartbreaking that something like this happened in our community. I'm heartbroken for the family and for everybody involved and the community at large, because this is not something that's easy for us to not wonder what could have been done differently, what could we have done to help.”

A GoFundMe campaign set up by Moore's brother, Robert Graham, has been established to help pay for funeral costs.

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