Mug Shots Of The Month For September 2019

Who do we have here? Check out this month's most jaw-dropping booking photos.

October 01, 2019
By: Christine Colby

Photo By: Mug shot of Todd Barrick Jr. [Galesburg Police Department]

Photo By: Mug shot of Gordon Ormond [Pasco County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Mug shot of Heather Garcia [Davis County Jail]

Photo By: Mug shot of John Arnold [Hamilton County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Mug shot of Skylor Cole Johnson [Nassau County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Mug shot of Anthony Sandy [Bernalillo County Metropolitan Detention Center]

Photo By: Mug shot of Roberto Josue Viera-Aybar [Metropolitan Nashville Police Department]

Photo By: Mug shots of Megan Mondanaro and Aaron Thomas [Nassau County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: David Hobbs [Clarksdale Police Department]

Photo By: Mug shot of Katie Jade Gates [Nassau County Sheriff's Office]

Who: Todd Barrick Jr.

Where: Galesburg, IL

What allegedly happened: Probation violation related to a meth-possession charge, by a man who looks eerily like “Breaking Bad’s” meth dealer Walter White. Could this be a viral stunt for the upcoming “El Camino” movie?

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Who: Gordon Ormond

Where: New Port Richey, FL

What allegedly happened: Ran a red light, led cops on a low-speed cheese. Arrested for his fifth DUI, failing to submit a breath test, and fleeing the scene of a crash, police said. Turns out authorities reportedly revoked his driver’s license in July 1991.

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Who: Heather Garcia

Where: Farmington, UT

What allegedly happened: Originally stopped for driving a vehicle without a license plate, Garcia, police said, proved to have outstanding warrants for possession or use of a controlled substance, marijuana possession, and driving on a denied license. She also reportedly tried to pass herself off as her 21-year-old daughter.

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Who: John Arnold

Where: Soddy-Daisy, TN

What allegedly happened: Public intoxication. On a horse. He fell off.

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Who: Skylor Cole Johnson

Where: Hilliard, FL

What allegedly happened: Second-degree murder. Johnson reportedly fatally shot his mother’s boyfriend, Richard Crews. Johnson has filed a motion under the state’s Stand Your Ground Law, claiming immunity, as he alleges Crews was severely beating Johnson’s mother.

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Who: Anthony Sandy

Where: Albuquerque, NM

What allegedly happened: In a “revenge porn” situation, cops say Sandy sent his ex-girlfriend’s naked pics to her family and friends.

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Who: Roberto Josue Viera-Aybar

Where: Nashville, TN

What allegedly happened: Viera-Aybar received a voluntary manslaughter conviction in the death of Luis Antonio Lopez. He was also mistakenly released from prison due to a clerical error in August 2019. He surrendered himself to custody on September 4.

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Who: Megan Mondanaro and Aaron Thomas

Where: Nassau County, FL

What allegedly happened: Mondanaro and Thomas were initially arrested on DUI charges. After being placed in the backseat of a patrol car, cops say the couple stripped down and began having sex. They were reportedly charged with DUI, exposing sex organs, and unnatural and lascivious act.

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Who: David Hobbs

Where: Clarksdale, MS

What allegedly happened: Hobbs was charged with burglary after attempting to break into a shed, police said. It’s not clear why he was wearing a Captain America costume, reportedly augmented with fairy wings.

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Who: Katie Jade Gates

Where: Callahan, FL

What allegedly happened: Gates reportedly “wanted to eat more than her fair share of tomatoes at the dinner table.” To that end, she is said to have assaulted two older relatives, allegedly telling her grandfather, “Motherf***er, I’ll stab you in your f***ing face!”

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