Mug Shots Of The Month For August 2019

Here is our rogue's gallery of booking photos for the past month.

August 29, 2019
By: Christine Colby

Photo By: Mug shot of Jedidiah Lee Adams [Indiana State Police]

Photo By: Mug shot of Daniel Cashman [Watertown Police Department]

Photo By: Mug shot of Brittany Rodriguez [Manatee County Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Mug shot of Jermaine Taylor [Gwent Police]

Photo By: Mug shot of Dylan McTaggart [Port Hueneme Police Department]

Photo By: Mug shot of Pamela Hupp [St. Charles County Prosecutor's Office]

Photo By: Mug shot of Danielle Hui [NYPD]

Photo By: Mug shot of William Bottoms, Jr. [East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office]

Photo By: Mug shot of Adam Nolin [Kent County Jail]

Indiana Couple Busted For Reportedly Growing & Selling Psychedelic 'Shrooms

Jedidiah Lee Adams, 29, and Bailey Michelle Rutkowski, 31, of Charlestown, Indiana, are reportedly accused of cultivating and dealing in psychedelic mushrooms.

The couple also faces charges with possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia, and neglect of a dependent.

The arrests of Adams and Rutkowski were prompted by a tip from the public. They are both being held at the Clark County Jail.

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Octogenarian Allegedly Threatens To Shoot Nephew Over Cuckoo Clock

Daniel Cashman, 88, of Waterbury, Connecticut, reportedly showed up at his nephew's place of business and threatened him.

Cashman is said to have had a holstered gun and showed what appeared to be a police badge, according to reports. He allegedly told his nephew's coworkers he intended to shoot his nephew in retaliation for his having stolen from him and damaged his cuckoo clock.

He did, at least, reportedly explain that he wasn't going to kill his nephew, but only shoot him in the leg.

After Watertown detectives tracked down Cashman, he voluntarily surrendered his pistol permit, and they took his gun.

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Florida Dollar Store Cashier Tells Knife-Wielding Woman 'Not Today,' Police say

Reports say a Florida woman named Brittany Rodriguez, 27, attempted to rob a dollar store at knifepoint.

According to an arrest report cited by Fox 8, when Rodriguez confronted from the cashier, the worker responded with, "not today," while another employee locked the door.

When deputies arrived, the suspect was taken into custody.

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Police Removed Suspect's Mug Shot When People Couldn't Stop Joking About His Hair

Well, maybe the extra attention on the photo helped find the suspect.

Gwent Police in Wales reportedly posted a man's mug shot on their social media and requested the public's help in locating him.

While the image garnered many comments, they were almost all unhelpful and just focused on the man's thinning hairdo. An example reported in the Mirror reads, "He was last seen in town; Police are combing the area."

Authorities ended up taking the mug shot down after the ribbing reportedly went too far, but did comment, "We're really grateful to everyone who is assisting us in locating Jermaine Taylor."

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Cops Say Homeless Sex Offender Punted Beachgoer's Dog Into The Air

The Port Hueneme Police Department has stated that they are familiar with the suspect, Dylan McTaggart, and have had run-ins before.

The 25-year old, whom police reportedly described as a registered sex offender, is said to live in a homeless encampment near the beach in Port Hueneme, California.

McTaggart got arrested for allegedly kicking a beachgoer's small dog 15 feet into the air without provocation. The poor pooch, Sophie, reportedly went into shock and suffered a collapsed lung and displaced heart, according to police.

McTaggart, who was reportedly on probation, was arrested and taken to Ventura County Jail. He is facing charges of fighting in public, assault on a lifeguard, and felony animal cruelty.

Hueneme police report Sophie is "resting at home and being cared for by her owner."

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'Monster' Pamela Hupp Receives Life Sentence For Murder Of Man With Disability

Missouri woman Pamela Hupp, 60, was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole after prosecutors say she killed a man who had disabilities to hide her involvement in another slaying.

In 2016, Hupp called 911 after fatally shooting 33-year-old Louis Gumpenberger. She claimed Gumpenberger carjacked her with a knife and ordered her to drive to a bank.

Following the murder of Gumpenberger, investigators said they pieced together a plot in which Hupp murdered the victim to throw police off the tracks of another slaying, the 2011 death of Betsy Faria.

Investigators are also reportedly looking into the 2013 death of Hupp's mother, Shirley Neumann. She fatally fell from a third-floor balcony at her senior living home, and a medical examiner has ruled the cause of death as "undetermined." Hupp was reportedly the last person to see her mother alive.

Krystal Conn, Gumpenberger's sister, was present for Hupp's sentencing. She told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch her brother's killer is a "monster" and "not human."

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Brooklyn Woman Allegedly Forced Roommate's Dog To Perform Sex Act On Her

When a Brooklyn woman, Taylor Goldenberg, 24, began to "have suspicions" about her roommate, she set up a nanny cam.

What she allegedly found was more horrifying than she imagined, as Goldenberg claims she saw her roommate, Danielle Hui, 20, forcing Goldenberg's dog to perform a sex act.

According to a criminal complaint cited by the Daily News, Hui was viewed forcing Colton, a Pomeranian Shiba Inu mix, to perform oral sex on her.

While Hui allegedly has claimed, after being caught with her pants off, that the act was a bizarre accident, authorities still charged her with engaging in the sex act with the dog.

Hui was arraigned at the Brooklyn Criminal Court and released without bail.

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Man Who Worried Tattooed Face Might Prejudice Jury Convicted Of Double Murder

William Bottoms, Jr., of Louisiana, 29, reportedly expressed concern that his heavily tattooed face might hurt his chances at a fair trial.

Based on his tattoos or not, a jury convicted Bottoms of two counts of second-degree murder for the 2017 shootings of Muhammad Hussain, 29, and Dedrick Williams, 23. He was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.

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Jealous Man Sentenced To Life In Prison For Fatally Shooting Girlfriend

Adam Nolin of Michigan was reportedly upset at his girlfriend for her interest in another man.

In September 2018, Nolin, 34, fatally shot Tia Randall, 27, and then phoned his mother, according to police.

After the shooting, Nolin took off, and a manhut ensued, which reportedly led to a shootout with authorities.

Once captured, Nolin was convicted of first-degree murder and six additional felonies. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

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