Faces We Can't Forget: Our 5 Favorite Mug Shots Of 2017

December 28, 2017
By: Mike McPadden

Photo by: Ronald Goines [Baltimore City Police]/Frank Yeager [Lehigh County Sheriff’s Office]/Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]

Ronald Goines [Baltimore City Police]/Frank Yeager [Lehigh County Sheriff’s Office]/Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]

When it comes to combating crime, mug shots — that is, the facial photos taken by police upon a suspect getting arrested — have proven to be an invaluable tool.

And for aficionados of true crime, mug shots also regularly turn out to be an incredible source of amazement, amusement, and sometimes even serious alarm. Here are CrimeFeed’s picks for the five most memorable mug shots of 2017.

Photo by: Frank Yeager [Lehigh County Sheriff’s Office]

Frank Yeager [Lehigh County Sheriff’s Office]

1. Frank Yeager: Attempted Rapist of Real Estate Agent Called Himself “Hell’s Realtor”

LEHIGH COUNTY, PA — Frank Yeager apparently really hated women who showed for-sale properties to prospective clients. This psycho even kept a diary containing hundreds of female agents’ addresses and thousands of pages of rape fantasies in which he referred to himself as “Hell’s Realtor.” In 2017, Yeager got 10-to-20 years for an actual attempted rape that occurred in 2012. Fortunately, he won’t be looking at any new residences for quite a while.

Photo by: Ronald Goines [Baltimore City Police]

Ronald Goines [Baltimore City Police]

2. Ronald Goines: Attempted Murder & All Smiles

BALTIMORE, MD — On April 13, Baltimore City Police officers brought in Ronald Goines, 24, as the third suspect on a shooting that took place two months earlier. While booking him for attempted first-degree murder, Goines flashed quite the gold-tooth grin at the precinct camera. Suffice to say, officers and other observers online let him know it was no time to be amused.

Photo by: Mirella Ponce [Fresno Police Department]

Mirella Ponce [Fresno Police Department]

3. Mirella Ponce: “Hot” Female Gang-Banger’s Mug Shot Ignites the Internet

FRESNO, CA — After getting arrested as a member of the notorious Asian-American crime outfit the Tiny Rascal Gang, Mirella Ponce, 20, caused a viral online sensation with her mug shot.

Photo by: Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]

Douglas Hazelrigs [Clayton County Sheriff’s Office]

The proudly bisexual single mom, who has tattoos reading “Love Is Pain” and “Pain Is Pleasure” (among many others) adorning her neck, faced charges of possessing a stolen weapon and concealing a firearm. Her pic was shared on social media more than 5,000 times shortly after it first appeared, leading to declarations from hundreds of admirers on the order of “The only crime she’s guilty of is stealing my heart!”

Photo by: Brittany S. Carter [Hancock County Sheriff’s Office]

Brittany S. Carter [Hancock County Sheriff’s Office]

4. Douglas Hazelrigs: Domestic Violence Call Leads to Pot Bust — & Busted Mug Shot

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA — After a combustive spat between Douglas Hazelrigs, 30, and Diane Hazelrigs, his mother, escalated to threats of shooting, the older woman called the police on her son. Responding officers tracked Daniel down at the home of a friend, where a four-foot-tall marijuana plant sat in plain view. The pal said the plant belonged to his brother, and when cops dropped by there, they walked in on a nine-foot-tall pot plant. All three men got arrested. Daniel provided a genuinely disorienting mug shot.

5. Brittany S. Carter: Toledo Woman Picked for Robbing & Raping Taxi Driver — So She Smirks

TOLEDO, OH — On April 9, cops picked up Brittany S. Carter, 23, for robbing a taxing driver along with an unidentified male companion who wielded a knife. Sadly, such thefts of professional drivers are too common. Carter, however, also forced the driver to perform some form of sexual act on her at knifepoint. Upon getting processed, Carter flashed a giddy smile. What was she thinking?

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