Cops: Mental Health Therapist, Upset Over Manicure, Drags Salon Employee With Car

June 20, 2018
By: Mike McPadden

Charley Fowler

Photo by: Porter County Sheriff’s Office

Porter County Sheriff’s Office

Charley Fowler

VALPARAISO, IN — A mental health therapist is accused of becoming so angry over a manicure that she stormed out of a nail salon without paying and then used her car to drag a salon employee around the business’s parking lot.

Charley Fowler, 28, reportedly told the manager of Diamond Nails & Spa that she was dissatisfied with the $30 manicure an employee had just given her.

After refusing an offer to redo the nails, Fowler allegedly walked out without paying, prompting employees to call the police. Fowler then reportedly got into her BMW and attempted to back out of the parking lot while employees surrounded her car and beat on the windows.

In the process, she allegedly dragged one salon worker across the lot with her vehicle. Police and prosecutors have apparently viewed surveillance video of the incident that depicts the dragging.

Robert Harper, Fowler’s attorney, claims that his client was simply planning to wait in her car for police to arrive and only drove off at a “slow speed” to sit outside a nearby restaurant once the window-pounding started. He said:

“[Fowler] should’ve never been arrested and charged. The people in the business had no right to try to keep her there physically, and the police had no right to arrest her over a civil matter. [She has been] dealt with very unfairly.”

The Porter County Sheriff’s Office said Fowler initially faced charges of misdemeanor theft and criminal recklessness, but that she now also faces a felony count of criminal recklessness.

According to the Northwest Indiana Times, Fowler works as a mental health therapist in Munster, Indiana.

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