Groom Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Bridesmaid Before Wedding, Police Said

Authorities allege the bride walked in on the alleged assault but married him anyway.

October 08, 2019

PHOTO: Daniel Carney [WNEP-TV, Scranton/screenshot]

Photo by: Daniel Carney [WNEP-TV, Scranton/screenshot]

Daniel Carney [WNEP-TV, Scranton/screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

Police in Pennsylvania reportedly charged a man with sexually assaulting a member of his wife’s bridal party two days before the scheduled wedding, which went on despite the alleged incident.

Daniel Carney, 28, of Stroudsburg, is accused of sexually assaulting a 29-year-old Oregon woman in the men’s locker room of the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort on August 30.

According to a criminal complaint cited by NBC News, the alleged assault allegedly occurred after members of the wedding party spent the day drinking, rafting, and paddleboarding on the Delaware River.

The alleged victim, who was on hand to be a bridesmaid at the September 1 wedding, reportedly told police she became so intoxicated during the river trip, and her memory is hazy. She allegedly said others later told her she could not stand up or walk properly, so Carney assisted getting her back to the Shawnee Inn.

Time reports the woman told investigators she remembers only being led from the water and into the men’s locker room with Carney, whom she allegedly said grabbed her and bit her breast.

From there, according to court documents cited by Time, the woman said she lost consciousness and when she awoke, Carney was on top of her. The woman reportedly told police her bathing suit bottom had been taken off, and her legs pushed back.

The woman allegedly told investigators, the bride-to-be entered the locker room and yelled at Carney. The couple reportedly moved outside and engaged in a physical altercation in the parking lot. Authorities said another bridesmaid came to the aid of the alleged victim.

The next day, according to the criminal complaint, the victim said she learned Carney had allegedly told people she had “followed him” into the locker room. She also reportedly told police Carney called her and apologized, but claimed he didn’t know what happened. The woman allegedly said she told Carney she felt “extremely violated and upset,” according to the affadavit.

Despite what the victim allegedly described as “chaos amongst the entire wedding party,” the nuptials reportedly went on as scheduled. Authorities did not disclose whether or not the bridesmaid participated.

On the day of the wedding, police say Carney texted the bridesmaid and asked her to be happy for the occasion. He also allegedly asked her to take a morning-after pill.

People magazine quoted the text message from the affadavit. It allegedly reads, in part: “I wanted to apologize again for everything. Can we please just be as happy as possible for [the bride] today? Mistakes are behind us and I just need total closure before I do this … I'm as happy as ever to marry [her] … We never did do it, but would you consider taking Plan B to make damn certain just in case? There is almost no chance, but still. Please tell me yes, I'm begging you.”

According to The Pocono Record, the victim contacted authorities and asked about the possibility of security videos. Pennsylvania State Trooper Justin M. Leri had reportedly acquired and watched surveillance video from the resort taken on the day of the alleged assault.

Leri reportedly said the footage shows Carney pulling the victim by the arm into the locker room. About 20 minutes later, Leri said, the bride-to-be enters the room. Shortly after that, Carney reportedly exits the area, and, a few minutes later, the victim entered the hallway. She was “barely able to stand, leaning on the wall and swaying,” Leri said.

On September 2, the Monroe County District Attorney's Office allowed investigators to monitor a phone call between Carney and the victim, according to an affidavit quoted by CNN.

During the call, authorities allege, Carney allegedly admitted to groping the woman’s genitals. According to the affidavit, “He stated that they did not have actual sex, but repeatedly told her he was sorry, specifically repeating that it was all his fault.”

Police reportedly arrested Carney and charged him with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, simple assault, and indecent assault. Monroe County Magisterial District Judge Brian R. Germano reportedly arraigned Carney on Monday and released him on $100,000 unsecured bail. His next court date is October 16.

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