Watch: Scary Video Shows Girl Walking Alone Hiding To Avoid Car That’s Following Her

Police have released the security footage and are on the lookout for a dark-colored Pontiac and a driver with “short dreadlocks.”

April 22, 2019
Girl being followed [KRON/screenshot]

Photo by: Girl being followed [KRON/screenshot]

Girl being followed [KRON/screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

VACAVILLE, CA — Authorities in Northern California are searching for a car that was caught on video last Friday following a young girl on a neighborhood street. A neighbor’s security camera captured the incident.

On the tape, which the police have made public, the girl repeatedly ducks behind a parked pickup truck to avoid the driver’s eyesight. Police say the suspicious vehicle is a dark-colored Pontiac and the driver looked to be about 20 years old and had a haircut of “short dreadlocks.”

The disturbing video shows the young girl walking by herself on a local sidewalk in full daylight. A car, which had been reportedly following her, pulls up and stops in the middle of the street. The girl appears to consciously duck behind a parked truck. The car drives off, but then circles back and returns, stopping again. The girl again ducks behind the truck until, finally, the car speeds away. After that, the girl takes out a cell phone and runs away.

Robeh Eseed, who lives on the block, told a reporter, “Seeing that really disgusts me and the rest of our neighbors here. It was sickening to see something like that happen in our neighborhood that should never happen here and I don't know why, but hopefully they can catch the person."

Shaun Krum, a neighbor who is now a senior in college, added, “I've been walking home from school my whole entire life. I've always felt safe in this neighborhood.... You see that and it just makes you scared."

In a Facebook post on Friday, the Vacaville Police department declared, "While this man's intentions, innocent or not, are unknown to us at this time, we hope someone in our community can help us identify him, or he can contact us so we can talk with him about what happened."

Anyone with information is urged to call the Vacaville Police at (707) 469-4735.

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