New Docuseries Finding Andrea Explores the Mysterious Disappearance of Louisville Mother Andrea Knabel

The first two episodes of Finding Andrea will begin streaming exclusively on discovery+ Friday, October 15. New episodes will stream every Friday on the platform.

September 27, 2021
Andrea Knabel before she vanished August 19, 2019

Andrea Knabel before she vanished on August 19, 2019

Photo by: Discovery, Inc.

Discovery, Inc.

Andrea Knabel before she vanished on August 19, 2019

For years, 37-year-old Louisville, Kentucky mother of two Andrea Knabel volunteered as a part of Missing In America (MIA), a group of people who devoted their lives to finding missing persons. The organization claims an astonishing 98% success rate, and credits the unique psychic abilities of certain members with its success. All their work stopped in its tracks when Knabel, a key member of the group, a well liked, mother of two young boys, vanished into thin air. The new four-part docuseries Finding Andrea follows an active missing person case that has turned into a true-life mystery, with numerous theories, hundreds of leads and countless suspects. A year into the investigation the only thing clear is that no one is above suspicion, nothing is what it seems, and never-before-seen footage suggests Knabel investigatory efforts may have put her in danger. The first two episodes of Finding Andrea will begin streaming exclusively on discovery+ Friday, October 15. New episodes will stream every Friday on the platform.

Since Knabel vanished on August 13, 2019, the lives of her family and friends have been turned upside down. Devastated by her disappearance, the eclectic and loyal group of friends in MIA now find long-standing relationships with one another fractured , marred by suspicion. Knabel’s family members, struggling with the pain of her disappearance, now struggle to keep Andrea’s case alive despite countless dead ends. As the months since Knabel vanished have passed, efforts from both her family and her friends to search for concrete facts turn up more questions than answers. With the introduction of a new private investigator to Knabel’s case, her friends and family begin unearthing information that will not only change how they view her disappearance, but Knabel herself.

Utilizing active investigative scene work, Finding Andrea takes a front-seat look at how a new perspective on Knabel’s disappearance allows her friends and family to discover a new side to the bubbly, fun-loving single mom and understand that there is much more going on with Knabel than meets the eye. With many twists, turns, and shocking revelations, Finding Andrea proves that what might not be known about Andrea Knabel holds the key to finding out what happened to her.

“When we first heard of Andrea’s story we were so moved to learn that a woman who had devoted her life to helping find missing people would tragically go missing herself. But as with everything in Andrea’s life, things proved to be far more complex upon further investigation,” said Jason Sarlanis, President of Crime and Investigative Content. "Over the span of Finding Andrea's four parts, we get a first-hand look into the complicated layers behind the life Andrea wanted others to see and realize that maybe the secrets she kept are what hold the answer to her tragic disappearance."

Executive producers include Patrick Reardon, Dan Messina and Randy Tat from Jupiter Entertainment and Chris Deaux from Two Fifteen West, with Liz Massie as the senior executive producer for discovery+.

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