Louisiana Mom Saves Daughter’s Life By Pretending To Be Hitmen’s Intended Target

Brittany Cormier was fatally shot in the alleged murder-for-hire plot.

February 03, 2021

Clockwise from top left: Brittany Cormier, Hope Nettleton, Dalvin Wilson, Andrew Eskine, Beaux Cormier [Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

A Louisiana mother died after she pretended to be her daughter, a rape victim who was the intended target of hitmen hired by a relative, law enforcement officials said.

On January 13, Brittany Cormier, 34, and her neighbor, Hope Nettleton, 37, were fatally shot at Cormier’s home in Montegut.

During the course of investigating the murders, detectives reportedly learned Brittany’s convicted sex offender brother, Beaux Cormier, 35, was arrested in March 2020 on suspicion of raping her daughter, his niece.

Beaux then allegedly hired two friends, Andrew Eskine, 25, and Dalvin Wilson, 22, to “murder the rape victim so she could not testify” against him, Terrebonne Parish Sheriff Tim Soignet said at a February 1 news conference.

According to authorities, the three men allegedly surveilled the rape victim’s home sometime between last summer and fall. Eskine and Wilson then returned to carry out the homicide in November but were unsuccessful.

On the day of last month’s double homicide, Wilson had driven back to Brittany’s home and allegedly asked for the rape victim by name.

“Brittany Cormier [told] the shooter she’s the rape victim, accepting her fate to save the life of [the] actual victim," Soignet said.

The sheriff noted Nettleton, the second homicide victim who was visiting Brittany at the time of the incident, “actually struggled with the shooter and was shot fighting him off.”

According to the Acadiana Advocate, Brittany’s daughter and stepdaughter hid in a closet during the attack.

Brittany’s friend, Samantha LeMaire, told the news outlet that the murdered mother “would do anything for her kids.”

“But to this extent?” LeMaire said, “I would have never thought it would ever have come down to this.”

Eskine and Wilson allegedly have confessed to their involvement in Beaux Cormier’s alleged murder-for-hire plot. The three men each face two charges of first-degree murder, and their bonds have been set at $2 million apiece.

Terrebone Parish District Attorney Joe Waitz Jr. said at the news conference that he feels “very confident” about getting convictions in the case and the death penalty is “absolutely on the table.”

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