Disappeared: What Happened to Utah Teen Macin Smith?

April 03, 2017
By: Catherine Townsend

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Macin Smith missing poster

Photo by: St. George Police Department

St. George Police Department

Macin Smith missing poster

Utah teen Macin Smith should be gearing up to celebrate his upcoming 19th birthday with his family on April 7. But Macin walked away from his St. George home in the early morning hours of Tuesday, September 1, 2015 — and vanished without a trace.

According to his mother Tracey Bratt-Smith, she and Macin’s father Darrin believed that the teen was on his way to Desert High School. The family had moved to Utah from Canada five months earlier.

On a new episode of Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared, Bratt-Smith revealed that when Darrin told her that Macin was missing, she first thought he may have just been “blowing off steam” due to the fact that his phone and computer had been confiscated the night before. But chillingly, later on, his parents discovered a note folded inside his wallet. They have not released the contents, but have revealed that the note contained information that led his family to believe that Macin may have planned to harm himself. The family says that Macin had a history of depression.

Speaking exclusively to Gephardt Daily, Bratt-Smith talked about the family’s attempts to keep Macin’s story in the public eye. “This has been the longest 18 months of our lives, yet we have no other choice but to move forward and think of new and creative ways to get Macin’s story out to the public,” Tracy Bratt-Smith told the publication.

She said that family and friends have used several “creative ideas” including stamping money, bumper stickers, and T-shirts. Bratt-Smith and other family members have posted Facebook updates almost every day to the Help Find Macin Smith page, which has over 27,000 members, using hashtag #MacinsArmy.

Photo by: St. George Police Department

St. George Police Department

Macin is six foot four, weighed almost 200 pounds at the time of his disappearance, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. There is a $10,000 reward being offered for information leading to Macin’s location.

There have been multiple possible sightings of Macin in St. George and in locations including the northern California city of Modesto and the Sacramento area. Police are investigating these areas.

Authorities have asked anyone with information about Macin is asked to call the St. George Police Department at (435) 627-4300, or David Cummings at Red Rock Search and Rescue at (702) 787-4068.

If you are in search of a missing person, make sure to enter their information into the database of the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System.

To learn more about the case, watch Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared “Story of Macin Smith” online now.

Read more: Gephardt Daily, Fox 13

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