Neigh Way! Oklahoma Man Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With A Pony

August 06, 2018
By: Mike McPadden

Photo by: Tyler Schlosser [Rogers County Jail]

Tyler Schlosser [Rogers County Jail]

TULSA, OK — Police have arrested an Oklahoma man for reportedly having sex with a pony in a field within view of eyewitnesses.

Tyler Schlosser, 29, was picked up last Wednsday after a local woman allegedly spotted him in the act with the horse and asked a neighbor to alert authorities.

According to the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, the woman was leaving for work when she “observed a white male full nude standing in the field having sex with a pony.”

She contacted her neighbor to ask if she was seeing the same thing, and then called the cops. After the second woman began filming the man on video, he reportedly “stopped what he was doing and started walking towards them.”

As police arrived on the scene, Schlosser allegedly tried to run. Officers caught up with him and booked the suspect on charges of indecent exposure and committing a crime against nature. Schlosser was released on $50,000 bond.

Local news reports indicate that Schlosser is a utility worker and that he was actually on the clock when the incident occurred.

Schlosser reportedly blamed his behavior on medication, but his family members, who describe him as a “good Christian boy,” suggest that he may have consumed a soda that was drugged.

Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton did confirm that Schlosser acted in a manner that suggested he was intoxicated, noting: “By all appearances, this guy was really under the influence of something.”

Schlosser’s lawyer requested a blood test, which was done at Rogers County Jail. The attorney added that a thorough mental-health examination would be forthcoming and said:

“These actions [appear] to be contrary to everything in Tyler’s life. He has a good marriage with a baby on the way, an excellent work history, no criminal record, comes from a good family, and has been an upstanding citizen.”

The eyewitness video has been turned over to authorities. The investigation continues.

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