Mom Hunts Down & Whips 14-Year-Old Son With Belt For Joyriding In Stolen BMW

The teen admits he made a terrible decision, and he's now grounded until 2019.

October 18, 2018
[Investigation Discovery/screenshot]

[Investigation Discovery/screenshot]

[Investigation Discovery/screenshot]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

EL PASO, TX — A fed-up mom tracked down her 14-year-old son and beat him with a belt after he stole her BMW so he could go visit his girlfriend.

On October 12, freshman Aaron Campero was home on a school break when he hatched his plan to use the family car — even though he has no license. The boy’s sister, Liza Campero, said he disconnected the WiFi so their mother wouldn’t be able to catch him on security cameras hopping in the vehicle and making his getaway.

The only problem: Aaron made the rookie mistake of first picking up his pal, Isaiah, whose two younger brothers then ratted on the pair. Isaiah's mother immediately contacted Aaron's mom, who’s also her friend, and the chase was on. “She wanted to find him before he wrecked the car and before the police did," explained Liza.

Aaron eventually decided against seeing his love interest, but his mom went to her house and cleverly used the girl, who was home with her own mother, to ferret out her son’s coordinates — and the car. “The moms are all snitches,” Liza joked.

When the mother-daughter duo, who were keeping the boy’s father apprised of the unfolding situation on their Escalade’s speakerphone, finally caught up to the joyriding teen, the irate mom laid on the horn and screamed at her son to “pull over, now!”

“The windows in the BMW were super tinted, but I could see both of their heads just, like, snap and look,” recalled Liza.

The mom then commanded her daughter to hand over an Hermès belt they had brought along, which Liza seemed more than happy to do as she filmed the drama on her phone. "My mom said once she opened the door, he had a smirk on his face until she started spanking him," said Liza, who can be heard laughing in the video at her brother while he accepted his punishment on the side of the road. “It wasn’t the first time he’s taken one of our cars,” the sister added, “but I bet you it’ll be his last.”

“I deserved it,” Aaron later admitted of getting whipped. “It was a bad choice. I just can’t do it again. That’s what I have to learn.”

After Liza posted her video of the incident on social media, it quickly went viral, and her brother’s initial pain turned into pleasure at his newfound notoriety. "[My brother] was embarrassed at first," said Liza. "But he went back to school ... and everybody tells him he's like a legend.”

As punishment, Aaron has now lost the door to his room and their mom has banned him from using his phone or PlayStation 4 “until 2019 or further notice,” said his sister. He also won’t be allowed to accompany his girlfriend to the school social event of the year. “Her mom texted my mom,” explained Liza, “and said that they’re not going to let her go to homecoming with Aaron.”

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