Overnight Camera Footage Shows Cat Trying To 'Murder' His Owner While He Sleeps

Luis Navarro set up a camera, and posted three photos on Twitter that were taken while he was sleeping.

August 01, 2019

Photo by: Susanne Alfredsson/EyeEm

Photo by: Susanne Alfredsson/EyeEm

By: Catherine Townsend

A Twitter user says he got a shock after setting up a camera to film himself while he slept. He claimed he'd been having breathing problems — and then discovered that the nocturnal activities of his cat might be to blame.

Luis Navarro set up a camera, and then posted three photos on Twitter that were taken while he was sleeping. In the photos, his pet cat can be seen first sitting close to Navarro before lying on his face, according to the New York Post.

“I couldn’t breathe when I slept so I installed a camera,” the original tweet read. Many commenters shared similar stories on social media, where the tweet featuring the photos has gone viral. It has been retweeted over 425,000 times and racked up over 1.5 million likes as of August 1.

One user wrote: “I’ve woken up with my cat nose to nose just staring me dead in the eyes in the middle of the night." Some believed that the cat was trying to cuddle, while others jokingly called the incident "attempted murder."

A user with the handle @OluniyiGates wrote: "You feed them, bath them, provide a comfortable environment and they still don't like you and don't even hide it. Cats are not pets, you are the pet in the relationship."

We'd like to assume that kitty just wanted to hug his beloved human close, but you never know!

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