Woman Was Using iPad To Track Ex-Husband Just Before He Killed Her: Cops

The victim was following her ex online right up until he allegedly barged in and shot her.

February 07, 2019
 James Taylor [Fairfield Police Department]

James Taylor [Fairfield Police Department]

Photo by: James Taylor [Fairfield Police Department]

James Taylor [Fairfield Police Department]

James Taylor [Fairfield Police Department]

By: Mike McPadden

FAIRFIELD, CT — According to police, a Connecticut woman was using an iPad to track the real-time location of her ex-husband right up until the moment he stormed into her son’s home and shot her death.

James Taylor, 75, has been arrested for murder, home invasion, burglary, and illegal discharge of a firearm over the incident on Sunday that took the life of his ex-wife, Catherine Taylor, 70.

After killing Catherine, police say, James attempted to fire a shot at her 45-year-old son, who successfully tackled his stepfather while on the phone with 911, and then held him for responders.

Authorities say James and Catherine got divorced about 25 years ago, but continued to live together until May 2018. Following a fight, Catherine moved in with her son, who lives in a cottage on the couple’s property, about 500 feet from the main house.

This past Friday, police visited the Taylors after Catherine and her son accused James of trying to steal their pick-up trucks. Catherine also alleged that James warned her that “things were going to get bad” before he took off to parts unknown for the weekend.

The next day, Catherine discovered that, since the couple shared a family phone plan, she could track James’s whereabouts by using the “find my phone” app on her iPad.

While monitoring James’s location on Sunday at around 9:30 P.M., Catherine saw that he was approaching the entrance to the cottage and called out for her son to call the police.

The son reportedly said the next thing he heard was shattered glass followed by screams, gunshots, and the thud of a body hitting the floor.

Upon running into the living room, the son said he saw James holding a .22-caliber rifle, standing over Catherine’s lifeless body. A struggle ensued, with James sustaining injuries that appear bandaged up in his mug shot.

After taking James to a hospital for treatment, authorities charged him with murder. According to the report, he told investigators he didn’t remember the attack and said, “I can’t understand how I got here” and “I can’t make sense of anything.”

Following his arraignment, James Taylor is being held on $2 million bond. Prosecutors argued that Taylor, who has an arrest record back to the 1960s, could pose a threat to his stepson, and that he might flee to Costa Rica if released.

He’s due back in court on February 19.

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