Defiant 65-Year-Old Woman Appears To Resist Arrest At Traffic Stop For Taillight, Gets Tased

"I tried to kick you because I'm a country girl,” Debra Hamil told the arresting officer.

August 01, 2019
Debra Hamil [Cashion Police body cam video/screenshot]

Photo by: Debra Hamil [Cashion Police body cam video/screenshot]

Debra Hamil [Cashion Police body cam video/screenshot]

By: Catherine Townsend

CASHION, OK — A 65-year-old woman who was pulled over in Cashion, Oklahoma, for a broken taillight appeared to become belligerent after the officer attempted to give her a ticket — and she ended up getting tased.

Debra Hamil, 65, appears on video yelling at the officer after refusing to accept an $80 ticket on July 16. She told the officer that the light had been out for around six months. "So you don't even give a warning for this?" she asks.

"You've been driving around for six months like that," he says in the footage. "I'm not going to give you a warning for something you've been driving for six months."

The argument escalated, with Hamil seemingly telling the officer that she didn't feel she deserved to pay $80, and when the officer asked Hamil to sign the ticket, she allegedly refused. She then also appeared to refuse an order to step out of the car. When the officer informed Hamil she was under arrest, she responded on the recording, "No, I'm not."

Hamil then appears to roll up her window, lock her car door, and drive away from the scene, according to police bodycam footage and court documents.

The officer pursued her, stopped her again a few minutes later, and ordered her to exit the vehicle. Hamil reportedly refused a second time, and the officer opened the car door and pushed her onto the ground before handcuffing her. The officer's bodycam footage appears to show Hamil's foot kicking toward his groin area.

The officer ended up firing his taser at Hamil before handcuffing her on the ground, KOCO reported. "You did not have to taser me," Hamil says afterward in the video footage.

"You wouldn't comply, you wouldn't get out, and then you tried to kick me. So yes, I did," the officer responds.

"Yeah, I tried to kick you because I'm a country girl," she reportedly says. "Because, no, I don't like being thrown on the floor."

The officer then put Hamil under arrest and called EMS.

Hamil has been charged with resisting arrest as well as battery or assault and battery on a police officer after she allegedly kicked him in the groin, according to Kingfisher County documents.

She has pleaded not guilty, and is next due in court on August 27.

Cashion Police did not respond to a request for comment from CNN, and said that it was department policy not to give statements on criminal cases that are currently pending.

CNN also reported that Hamil did not respond to several requests for comment, and that it is not clear whether she has retained counsel.

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