Cops: Florida Woman's Husband Tries to Take her AC, She Shoots Him in the Testicles

By: Mike McPadden

Kimberly Dunn

Photo by: Columbia County Jail

Columbia County Jail

Kimberly Dunn

LAKE CITY, FL — A woman who lost her cool and shot her estranged husband in the testicles after he attempted to take away her air conditioning unit last year is back in jail after failing to show up in court.

Kimberly Dunn, 35, was arrested in October 2017 after the incident involving her now ex-husband.

According to the arrest report, the couple was in the process of getting a divorce when the husband reportedly showed up at Dunn’s home with his brother. As the two men attempted to extract an air conditioning unit, Dunn reportedly sat on the device to make it impossible. A physical confrontation erupted, during which Dunn reportedly attempted to shock the husband with a pink stun gun.

In the dust-up, Dunn dropped both the stun gun and a handgun. Dunn then allegedly grabbed the handgun and fired a shot that struck the husband in his testicles.

Police reported that the other man yelled, “You shot my brother!” and then choked Dunn until she blacked out.

The husband, meanwhile, picked up the gun and brought it with him to a nearby hospital. After being treated, the husband filed a police report.

Officers subsequently arrested Dunn. She said she only meant to scare her husband and that the shooting was an accident. Regardless, she missed her June 14 court date and got picked up. As a result, Dunn now faces an additional charge of contempt of court.

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