Brazil Gang Leader Tries Jailbreak Disguised As Teen Daughter, Is Found Dead

Cops say the inmate was busted wearing an eerie, lifelike mask and later appeared to have hanged himself.

August 06, 2019
Clauvino da Silva [Inside Edition/screenshot]

Photo by: Clauvino da Silva [Inside Edition/screenshot]

Clauvino da Silva [Inside Edition/screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL — Authorities in Brazil say a notorious gang leader attempted to escape prison by disguising himself as his own teenage daughter, but his “nervousness” caught staffers attention and his plan was thwarted. Two days later, prison officials said the inmate was found dead in his cell after apparently hanging himself.

Officials at the Gericíno Correctional Facility in Rio de Janeiro stated that 42-year-old Clauvino da Silva, an alleged gang leader known as “Shorty,” attempted to escape the facility on Saturday by switching places with his 19-year-old daughter.

The teenager allegedly visited her father in prison that day. Authorities believe their plan was for him to assume her identity and simply walk outside, while she waited behind.

To pass himself off as his daughter, officials said da Silva donned a silicone mask, a black wig, a black bra, and a pink T-shirt emblazoned with cartoon donuts.

When da Silva left the visiting room and asked for his daughter’s ID card back, guards reportedly picked up on his “nervousness” and searched him. His ruse, the guards said, was quickly revealed.

Prison officials released video of da Silva taking off the eerily lifelike mask, wig, T-shirt, and bra, and stating his full name. The clip has since gone viral.

After getting busted, da Silva was reportedly transferred to solitary confinement. On Tuesday morning, prison authorities told the press that da Silva had been found dead in his cell, the victim of an apparent hanging.

Clauvino da Silva was reportedly a high-ranking member of Red Command, a powerful criminal outfit said to control much of the drug trade in Rio de Janeiro.

At the time of his death, da Silva was allegedly serving a sentence of 23 years, 10 months for drug trafficking. His daughter and eight other individuals are allegedly under investigation regarding the escape attempt.

The BBC reported that da Silva had successfully broken out of prison once before, in 2013, by fleeing through a sewer system — but he got caught that time, too.

Read more: BBC, The Guardian, ABC News

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