George Zimmerman Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against Trayvon Martin’s Family And Others

An attorney representing the Martin family said the suit is “a shameless attempt to profit off the lives and grief of others.

Cops Say Genealogy DNA Cracked The Cold Case Slaying Of A North Carolina Teen

by Aaron Rasmussen
"Maybe now I can sleep," Reesa Dawn Trexler’s mom said.

Chicago Student Murdered After Ignoring Cat-Calls, Prosecutor Said

by Aaron Rasmussen
Ruth George’s loved ones say they “hold no hatred towards the perpetrator.”

Ohio Woman Pleads Guilty To Suffocating Her Three Young Sons

by Aaron Rasmussen
Brittany Pilkington's defense attorney reportedly suggested she has diminished responsibility due to brain damage she allegedly sustained as a child.

Video: If Your Father Was The Black Dahlia Killer, Would You Still Love Him?

The Black Dahlia murder case found Steve Hodel, not the other way around.

Video: The Troubling Brooke Skylar Richardson Case

Brooke recently shared her biggest regret in a new interview with Cosmopolitan. What do you think of her sentencing?

Pennsylvania Man Used Missing Woman's Facebook To Fool Family, Police Said

by Aaron Rasmussen
Authorities allege John Matthew Chapman confessed to killing Jaime Feden.

Former Nurse Arrested In 1999 Cold Case Slaying Of Illinois Woman

by Aaron Rasmussen
The victim suffered "barbaric brutality," according to investigators.

Video: Brave Woman Writes Secret Note To Escape Abusive Boyfriend

A woman in Florida passed a note to staff at a veterinarian's office asking that they help her escape her abusive boyfriend.

Video: How Cellphone Data Solved the Murder of Adea Shabani

As revealed to Crime Obsession's Traci Stumpf by Private Investigator Jayden Bryant, the use of cellphone data helped solve the murder case of aspiring actress Adea Shabani.

Texans Vote To Allow Cops To Adopt Police Dogs, Horses

by Mike McPadden
Proposition 10 permits police officers to continue caring for their partners in crime after the animals are retired.

Colorado Woman Arrested In Connection With 'Baby Faith' Cold Case

by Mike McPadden
A 42-year-old woman is reportedly in custody more than two decades after the discovery of a baby's body in Larimer County, Colorado.

Video: Is Natalia Barnett A Ukrainian Orphan Or An Adult Woman?

Is Natalia a child from Ukraine? Or was the Barnett family deceived and adopted an adult woman?

Video: Can A Psychic Crack The Kelsie Schelling Cold Case?

Crime Obsession With Traci Stumpf wants to know, can a medium help crack a case when all else fails? Kelsie Schelling's mom turned to psychic investigator Troy Griffin to find her missing daughter.

Video: Samuel Little Is The Most Prolific Serial Killer on Record

How did the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history go undetected for so long?

Get To Know Sunny Hostin & The ‘Truth About Murder’

by Christine Colby
Hostin turned to a career in justice after experiencing a crime against her own family while growing up in the South Bronx.

"Culpable": 5 Indications That Christian Andreacchio Might Not Have Died By Suicide

by Mike McPadden
The podcast “Culpable” is reportedly offering $100,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

'Unbelievable': 5 Things You Might Not Know About The Real Case Behind The Hit Series

by Mike McPadden
Facts about the heroic survivor and the detectives who brought a serial rapist to justice.

Groom Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Bridesmaid Before Wedding, Police Said

by Mike McPadden
Authorities allege the bride walked in on the alleged assault but married him anyway.

She Married Her Husband And Then Tried To Have Him Killed

by Christine Colby
Dalia Dippolito can be heard on camera confirming she was “5,000 percent sure” she wanted a hitman to murder her husband.

Is O.J. Simpson’s Twitter Account Helping To Remake His Public Image?

by Christine Colby
From a Hall of Fame football hero to a suspected double murderer to an armed robber to an ex-con fantasy football fanatic — Simpson's life has been a roller-coaster.

Her Feeding Tube Might Help Identify The Body Of The Madisonville Jane Doe

by Michelle Sigona
This month marks three years since a little girl's body was found stuffed in a suitcase and abandoned in a Texas cow pasture.

Cop Pulls Over Mom For Running Stop Sign; Teaches Her Teen Son How To Tie His Tie

by Mike McPadden
Video of the Utah teen's roadside dressing lesson has reportedly gone viral.

Florida Dad Accused Of Shaking Infant To Death After Baby Defecated On Him, Cops Say

by Mike McPadden
According to police, the baby allegedly suffered “abusive head trauma.”

ID Fans React To Possibly The Most WTF Episode Of 'Web Of Lies' Ever

by Crime Feed Staff
After the “Love at First Text” episode, viewers expressed their shock on the internet.

Cousins Who Killed Together: The Murder Spree Of The 'Hillside Stranglers'

by Matt Gilligan
Most serial killers work alone. But cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono murdered as a team.

The 'Night Stalker' From 'American Horror Story: 1984' Was A Real-Life Serial Killer

by Mike McPadden
Richard Ramirez, a self-professed Satan worshiper, reportedly terrorized California in the 1980s.

Mom Arrested In Baby's Death For Allegedly Using Heroin On Her Gums As Sleep Aid

by Catherine Townsend
Kimberly Nelligan allegedly stated that she, “didn't hurt our daughter on purpose.”

Cops: Teen With AK-47 Allegedly Said She Wanted To 'Shoot 400 People For Fun'

by Mike McPadden
Oklahoma Police reportedly arrested the suspect after co-workers claimed she said she'd like to “shoot up” her old high school.

The Chilling Case Of Dean Corll, The Suspected Serial Killer Known As 'The Candy Man'

by Mike McPadden
Authorities believe Corll raped, tortured, and killed at least 28 young men in the 1970s. His alleged reign of terror ended when a teenager turned on him — with a gun.

Cop Responding To Complaint About Young Girl’s Birthday Party Joins In, Adds To Fun

by Mike McPadden
A neighbor called the police over alleged noise; a deputy showed up with smiles and high-fives.

The Alissa Turney Case: What If You Thought Your Dad Killed Your Stepsister?

by Catherine Townsend
Over the years, police have declined to arrest Michael Turney or to name him a suspect, but daughter Sarah is convinced that Michael may know more than he has revealed.

Police: Suspected Florida Serial Killer Linked To At Least 4 Homicides In Custody

by Catherine Townsend
Investigators said Robert Hayes could be the so-called “Daytona Serial Killer.”

Florida Mom & 4 Kids Who Vanished 6 Weeks Ago All Found Dead; Husband Arrested

by Mike McPadden
Police said they believe Michael Jones Jr. killed the victims and stored their bodies in his home and van for “several weeks.”

Gone Girl? A Deep Dive Into The Case Of Missing Mom Jennifer Dulos

by Catherine Townsend
Authorities have reportedly found garbage bags containing clothing and sponges stained with blood belonging to Jennifer Dulos.

Suspected Cat Burglar Turns Out To Be An Actual Cat, Cops Say

by Mike McPadden
A Florida feline mistook for a thief reportedly got “detained” by police, who then located and contacted his owner.

5 Lessons We Learned From Candice DeLong & 13 Seasons Of 'Deadly Women'

by Catherine Townsend
She said she feels confident she and the production team will never run out of cases to feature on the series.

Cops: North Carolina Woman Accused Of Tying Up Husband & Cutting Off His Penis

by Mike McPadden
The alleged victim's detached body part was reportedly recovered and placed on ice.