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Episode 5: Oak Beach

A former sex worker discloses disturbing details about an encounter she had with the soon-to-be-named chief of police James Burke at a sex party in Oak Beach, a secretive community just two miles from where the LISK dumped the bodies of 11 dead sex workers.

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Alexis Murphy Remains Discovered Seven Years After She Vanished

by Aaron Rasmussen
Alexis Tiara Murphy was 17 at the time of her abduction and murder.


Tennessee Man Wanted For Questioning In Shooting Death Over $40, Deputies Say

by Aaron Rasmussen
Charlie Richard “Rico” Martinez’s girlfriend and mother have already been arrested in connection to the incident.


Neighbors Band Together To Stop Teens From Harassing Asian American Family

by Aaron Rasmussen
“We’re not going to stand for this,” says one resident of Ladera Ranch, California.


All The New True Crime Titles Coming to Discovery+ In March

New true crime titles premiering on discovery+ in March include a new look at the Madeleine McCann case and 'The Deadly Type with Candice DeLong.'

Elderly Vietnam Vet Thwarts Suspect in South Carolina Home Invasion

by Aaron Rasmussen
“He was not going to go out that door and leave us alive,” recalls 82-year-old Herbert Parrish.

Grieving Grandmother Desperate For Answers In 12-Year-Old Grandson’s Murder

by Aaron Rasmussen
Glenda Mack says she has no idea who would hurt the young boy she had been raising since he was a newborn.

Daughter Isn't Stopping The Search For Her Mom After Father Claims She Died

by Michelle Sigona
Police say more than 150 tips have come in on the Angela Green case and this is currently an active missing persons investigation.

Louisiana Sanitation Workers Hailed As Heroes For Saving Kidnapped 10-Year-Old Girl

by Aaron Rasmussen
The two men used their truck to block in the abductor’s car until police could arrive.

Episode 9: Investigating The King Of Polyester

Who is the King of Polyester? Find out as we deep dive into the case of Peter Nygard, the Finnish-Canadian fashion mogul who’s been accused by multiple women of rape and sex trafficking.

Episode 3: A Deal With the Devil

Alexis and Billy revisit another Long Island murder case from 1979, that of John Pius, and uncover a troubling connection with two of the authorities trusted to lead the LISK investigation

Person of Interest Sought In Yale Student Murder

by Michelle Sigona
The US Marshals are offering a reward for information leading to the location and arrest of a man they've identified as a "person of interest" in the murder of Kevin Jiang.

Journalists Expose Wisconsin Woman’s Alleged “Dark Web” Murder-For-Hire Plot

by Aaron Rasmussen
Kelly Ryan Harper is accused of trying to pay for the intended victim’s death with bitcoin.

Tennessee Man Fatally Shoots Prankster Participating In YouTube Video Gone Wrong

by Aaron Rasmussen
The victim wielded a butcher knife as part of a fake robbery, police said

Three Pennsylvania Neighbors Dead After Snow Shoveling Fight Leads to Murder-Suicide

by Aaron Rasmussen
Witnesses say the trio had been engaged in a long-running feud before the deadly incident.

Loved Ones Desperate To Find Missing Mom of 6

by Michelle Sigona
Dawnita Wilkerson has reportedly and previously been described as a "very funny" person with a "heart of gold."

Body of Teen Located Just Days After Her Boyfriend Was Found Murdered

by Michelle Sigona
Investigators initially believed 18-year-old Kaylah Blackmon "might be in danger" after her boyfriend was found murdered in the yard of a church.

Texas Amber Alert Warns Killer Doll “Chucky” Is Suspect In Kidnapping

by Aaron Rasmussen
State officials apologize for the “test malfunction” emails that detailed the Child’s Play character’s abduction of his onscreen son, Glen.

Louisiana Mom Saves Daughter’s Life By Pretending To Be Hitmen’s Intended Target

by Aaron Rasmussen
Brittany Cormier was fatally shot in the alleged murder-for-hire plot.

Episode 2: Fail to the Chief

Alexis LInkletter and Billy Jensen uncover a secret from the past with incriminating information about the former Chief of Police of Suffolk County James Burke.

Police Arrest Man For Stealing Food, Chasing McDonald’s Manager With Chainsaw

by Aaron Rasmussen
“It seemed like a scene out of a movie or something,” one eyewitness says of the incident

What's Coming to discovery+ in February?

This February streaming exlusively on discovery+, Unseamly: The Investigation of Peter Nygard, If I Can't Have You: The Jodi Arias Story, The Chameleon Killer and more!

Florida Children’s Book Author, Husband Accused Of Abusing Their Three Adopted Kids

by Aaron Rasmussen
The two girls and boy were regularly doused with water and “left to sleep in that condition overnight,” according to an arrest report.

Episode 8: The Onision Saga and Viral Predators

Today's newest class of celebrity has emerged in the form of social influencers. But what separates fame from predatory behavior?

Cold Case Help: Do You Know Who Shot And Killed Former Colorado  "Sno-Queen" And Another Victim?

by Michelle Sigona
The relationship of the victims is not known yet.

Episode 1: David and Goliath

In the first episode of Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer Alexis Linkletter’s childhood friend claims to have key evidence that could lead to solving the ten year mystery of the Long Island Serial Killer murders. Listen now.

Florida Couple Handcuffed, Locked Child In Closet 16 Hours Per Day, Deputies Say

by Aaron Rasmussen
County sheriff praises investigators who noticed something was wrong: “Their actions may have saved this young boy's life.”

Episode 8: "The Dust Never Settles"

The Lost Boys, then and now.

Alert Disney Ticket Booker Helps Save Domestic Violence Victim, Police Say

by Aaron Rasmussen
The theme park employee contacted 911 after a woman in distress phoned under the pretense of buying tickets.

Episode 7: Did John Wayne Gacy Act Alone?

In this podcast episode of Red Flags, we explore how serial killer John Wayne Gacy, the ‘killer clown’ who assaulted and murdered 33 boys and young men, might have had accomplices.

Police Arrest Alleged Brooklyn Handyman Serial Killer For Deaths Of Three Women

by Aaron Rasmussen
He and the elderly alleged victims all lived in the same housing development complex for seniors.

New 3-D Crime App Hopes To Help Law Enforcement Solve Delphi Murders

Law enforcement has received thousands of tips on the unsolved Delphi investigation, but despite the national attention and all of the leads, the case remains unsolved today.

Oregon Man Accidentally Steals Car With Little Boy Inside, Returns To Scold Mother

by Aaron Rasmussen
Thief “threatened to call the police on her” for leaving the child unattended in an unlocked vehicle, cops say.

Episode 7: "My Friend the Murderer"

One man befriends two predators to uncover a conspiracy.

Florida Restaurant Manager Uses Secret Notes To Save Boy From ‘Torture,’ Police Say

by Aaron Rasmussen
“That child was destined to be killed,” Orlando Police Department chief claims.

Ohio Woman Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Padlocking 7-Year-Old Girl In Dog Cage

by Aaron Rasmussen
The young abuse victim weighed just 28 pounds by the time she was rescued.

Fugitive Still Sought For Boston Quintuple Murders

by Michelle Sigona
The FBI created an age-enhanced photo of what Hung Tien Pham may look like today at the age of 60. Agents consider Pham armed and dangerous and he's fluent in Vietnamese, English and Chinese.

Episode 6: Dustin Higgs and the Fate of Federal Executions

Dustin Higgs has been on federal death row for two decades for the murder of three young women, but the man who shot all three is serving a life sentence. Higgs' execution date is January 15th.

US Government Executes Lisa Montgomery, Sole Woman On Federal Death Row

by Aaron Rasmussen
Montgomery was convicted of hatching a murder-kidnap scheme and cutting an expectant mother’s baby from her womb.

Kidnapping Survivor Jayme Closs ‘Enjoying Dance, School Activities’ Two Years After Daring Escape

by Aaron Rasmussen
The Wisconsin teen managed to flee Jake Thomas Patterson’s remote cabin after he held her captive for 88 days.

Episode 6: "Ten Days in December"

The inside story of tracking John Wayne Gacy with the cops who were there.

6 Questions for Tanen Jones, Author of 'The Better Liar'

"I like to create a meticulous outline and then begin writing and throw half my plans into the garbage as I go."

Police Arrest Woman Who Falsely Accused Black Teen Of Stealing Her iPhone

by Aaron Rasmussen
Miya Ponsetto allegedly tackled jazz trumpeter Keyon Harrold’s son to the ground during the confrontation.

Search Continues For Suspects In Florida Double Murder Of Couple

by Michelle Sigona
Authorities say the victims were last seen on December 30, 2020 at a Florida gas station before they went missing.

Episode 5: The Black Sheep of Black Sheep - How the Families of Perpetrators Suffer, Too

What happens when a close family member commits a horrific crime? Red Flags explores this and the recent death of prolific serial killer Samuel Little.

Woman Stabs Husband After Dreaming He Was ‘Messing Around,’ Police Say

by Aaron Rasmussen
Lindsey Stephens faces domestic aggravated assault charges for the alleged early-morning attack.

Actress Who Starred In 'Charm City Kings' Charged With Girlfriend’s New Year's Day Stabbing Death

by Aaron Rasmussen
“It was a domestic situation where cooler heads didn’t prevail,” a Baltimore police spokesman said.

The Better Liar

When a woman conceals her sister’s death to claim their joint inheritance, her deception exposes a web of dangerous secrets in this addictive new thriller for fans of Megan Abbott, Gillian Flynn, and Paula Hawkins.

Episode 5: "The Apex Predator"

The story of a boy sex trafficking kingpin.