Wisconsin Pet Lovers Save Hundreds Of Animals During COVID-19 Crisis

by Aaron Rasmussen
Staff at the state’s Humane Society “near tears” after supporters rush to the rescue.

FBI Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive Eugene Palmer Accused of Killing Daughter-In-Law

by Michelle Sigona
Eugene Palmer's left thumb is deformed and he's known to be an experienced hunter and outdoorsman.

Tamera Williams Wanted For Allegedly Dismembering Boyfriend Dumping Along Highway

by Michelle Sigona
Tamera Williams previously worked as a travel agent and phlebotomist. She has close ties to Brooklyn, NY and Atlanta, GA. Authorities say she may have a different hairstyle to disguise her appearance while on the run.

Maryland Police Search For Man Posing As COVID-19 Tester To Break Into Homes

by Aaron Rasmussen
The unidentified male wore an orange vest and blue surgical mask.

UPDATE: Stepmom Of Missing 11-Year-Old Gannon Stauch Arrested For Murder

by Aaron Rasmussen
Authorities have pronounced the Colorado boy dead, but they have yet to locate his body.

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Don’t Fall For These Common Coronavirus Scams

by Aaron Rasmussen
The Secret Service warns the crisis is a “prime opportunity for enterprising criminals.”

Mother of Three Girls Murdered, Hunt Continues for Ex-Boyfriend

by Michelle Sigona
Police say Carnell Spencer Lee Jr. has an extensive criminal history and was last seen wearing dreadlocks.

US Marshals On The Hunt For Husband and Wife On The Run

by Michelle Sigona
Torin Smith speaks with a stutter and he's missing part of his middle finger on one hand. Rena Smith and her husband may be involved with another church community in the US or abroad.

Kentucky Sheriff's Office Requests “All Criminal Activities Stop” During Coronavirus Crisis

by Aaron Rasmussen
“We will update you when we deem it’s appropriate,” a Powell County deputy jokes.

Captured! Fugitive Who Shot and Killed Man Leaving Gender Reveal Party Now in Custody

by Michelle Sigona
Addison went on the run in the fall of 2019 after he allegedly opened fire on a car in Pennsylvania killing Richard Littlejohn Jr.

Body ID’d As Missing 15-Month-Old Tennessee Toddler Evelyn Boswell

by Aaron Rasmussen
The baby’s mom, Megan Boswell, is currently in jail for making false statements.

Nimrod Guerrero Wanted For Allegedly Killing Wife and Step-Daughter

by Michelle Sigona
Kelsey Meza was only months away from graduating from high school when she was found murdered, alongside her mother.

Ex-Boyfriend Frederick McCaskill Wanted For Horrific Attack On Woman

by Michelle Sigona
At one point detectives say McCaskill used the victim's stolen card in San Antonio, TX, but he hasn't been heard of since.

Woman Accused Of Flinging Flaming Hand Sanitizer During Fight Charged With Murder

by Aaron Rasmussen
The burning liquid sparked a deadly three-alarm blaze.

UPDATE: Mom Of Toddler Who Vanished Months Ago Defends Decision To Not Report Her Missing

by Aaron Rasmussen
A babysitter last saw Evelyn Boswell in mid-December, policy say.

Video: Fatima and Chris Talk About Working On Reasonable Doubt

“It’s not just television. We are actually having an effect on lives.”

Wanted Sex Offender Claims He's A Former Prisoner Of War, Reports Say

by Michelle Sigona
James Meece may target single women in their 50's, authorities say. He's also known to have a wide variety of tattoos all over his body.

Fugitive James Garland Watts Wanted For Alleged Easter Home Invasion And Murder

by Michelle Sigona
Investigators say James Garland Watts goes by the nickname, "Tooch" and is known to possibly use drugs.

Video: 5 Women Survivors Who Inspire Us With Their Strength

This Women's History Month watch these women survivors and be inspired!

Florida Woman Claims Boyfriend Died In Zipped Suitcase While Playing Hide-And-Seek

by Aaron Rasmussen
Sarah Boone has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of Jorge Torres Jr.

Natalie Wood: The Complete Biography

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Miguel Angel Martinez Fled On Christmas Eve After Allegedly Killing Wife In Front Of Their Children

by Michelle Sigona
Authorities say Martinez, one of Orange County's Most Wanted, could be traveling with his brother, Jaime Martinez Escobar.

Megan Boswell, Tennessee Mom Of Missing 15-Month-Old Baby Girl, Under Arrest, Police Say

by Aaron Rasmussen
Megan Boswell is accused of lying to authorities investigating her daughter’s disappearance.

Days Before His Murder Trial For Killing His Girlfriend, Kevin 'Mike' Waguespack Fled

by Michelle Sigona
Waguespack reportedly showed up for all his required meetings until October 19. He was supposed to appear in court that day for a final hearing before the trial began — but he didn't. No one has seen or heard from him since.

UPDATE: Yoga Teacher Shoots Ex-Husband’s New Girlfriend In Front Of Twin Toddlers

by Aaron Rasmussen
The Utah mom brought a gun rather than the medicine she was to drop off for one of her ill children.

Lori Vallow, Mom Of Two Missing Idaho Kids, Arrested In Hawaii

by Aaron Rasmussen
She faces multiple charges and is currently incarcerated on a $5 million bail, police say.

FBI Top 10 Fugitive Alejandro Castillo Is On The Run For Allegedly Killing Ex-Girlfriend

by Michelle Sigona
Authorities say the suspect and victim previously dated and both worked together at a Charlotte, NC restaurant.

Details Emerge in the Murder of 6-Year-Old Faye Swetlik

by Aaron Rasmussen
Investigators discovered a clue in Coty Scott Taylor’s trash can that cracked the case.

US Marshals Top 15 Most Wanted Fugitive Leroy Headley Captured in Jamaica

by Michelle Sigona
Headley was on the run for nearly two years after allegedly killing his then girlfriend, Anako "Annette" Lumumba in May 2018

Bride Murdered On Wedding Day, Hunt Continues For Fugitive Husband Arnoldo Jimenez

by Michelle Sigona
Authorities say Arnoldo Jimenez was last seen fleeing in a black Maserati and he's an FBI Top 10 Most Wanted

Fugitive Miguel Alcala Accused Of Killing Wife In Front Of Son

by Michelle Sigona
Miguel Alcala could be working in construction and may have ties to Monterray, Mexico.

Mom Who Shot Girls After Luring Them With Kittens Sentenced To Life In Prison

by Aaron Rasmussen
Julie Orellana of West Virginia pleaded guilty to murder and attempted murder.

5 Simple Things To Keep In Mind As We Recognize Safer Internet Day

by Aaron Rasmussen
Everyone can play a role in making the online world a better place.

Kidnapping Survivor Elizabeth Smart Says She Was Sexually Assaulted On Plane

by Aaron Rasmussen
She’s now created a self-defense program to empower and teach females to protect themselves.

Do You Know What Happened To Lindsay Harris?

by Michelle Sigona
The 21-year-old, originally from New York, was last seen in Las Vegas, NV in 2005.

Lenell Kirby From Detroit On The Run After Having Allegedly Shot Two Women, Killing One

by Michelle Sigona
Police say Lenell Kirby may use the nickname, "Nell" and has three distinctive tattoos.

Because of You William Stanson Has Been Captured in Mexico

by Julien McNab
An In Pursuit With John Walsh viewer tipped off authorities to the location of fugitive William Stanson after recently seeing the alleged child abuser featured on the show.

Aspiring Chicago Rapper Sentenced To 99 Years In Jail For Mother’s Murder-For-Hire Killing

by Aaron Rasmussen
Qaw’mane Wilson drained her savings and flaunted his newfound wealth, prosecutors said.

5 Things To Know About Lori Vallow And The Investigation Into Her Missing Kids

by Aaron Rasmussen
The Idaho mom’s son and daughter disappeared without a trace in September.

Fugitive Jacob Blair Scott Captured Less Than 24 Hours After Being Placed On 15 Most Wanted List

It's the fastest apprehension of a fugitive in the 37-year history of the US Marshals' 15 Most Wanted program.

William Stanson Fled Authorities After Allegedly Molesting His Daughter For Years

After a decade of abuse daughter Kayla finally broke her silence about her father.

Top 15 Most Wanted Fugitive Lester Eubanks On the Run Since 1973

by Michelle Sigona
Eubanks has been on the run since December 7, 1973 after he was sentenced to death for the attempted rape and murder of 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener.

Video: Serial Killer Ted Bundy In His Own Words

Hearing Ted Bundy's own voice describe his deranged serial killings is chilling.

UPDATE: Fotis Dulos, Accused Of Murdering His Estranged Wife, Dead After Suicide Attempt

by Aaron Rasmussen
The Connecticut man is in critical condition after he tried to fatally poison himself with carbon monoxide.

Who Is Evandro Ramos Caetano And Why Is Brazil Obsessed With His Death?

by Aaron Rasmussen
The 6-year-old boy was found mutilated and missing organs after an alleged 1992 cult killing.

Missing Child Maia Sykes Recovered And Back Home With Her Father

by Michelle Sigona
Maia’s Dad is so grateful to, “In Pursuit” and everyone who tried to help him find Maia.