Florida Granny, 65, Fights Off 300-Pound Attacker With Baseball Bat

Cops said he was trying to break into her car; she said, “I took that bat and hit him upside the head like 'pi-yah!'”

April 18, 2019
Calrese Gainey [ABC13 screenshot]

Photo by: Calrese Gainey [ABC13 screenshot]

Calrese Gainey [ABC13 screenshot]

By: Mike McPadden

GAINSEVILLE, FL — When a 65-year-old great-grandmother heard an intruder trying to break into her car on Sunday, police say she grabbed a baseball bat and confronted him. Then, when the 300-pound would-be burglar allegedly charged at her, the senior slugger let him have it by belting him with the bat.

Clarese Gainey, 65, told the press that she heard a suspicious noise outside her apartment early Sunday morning. Peering outside, Gainey said she saw a man in his boxer shorts messing with the door and window of her parked car.

From there, Gainey said, “I grab my bat, I brace myself, and I ease the door open.”

After yelling at the suspect to get lost, the 5-foot-6, 300-pound man allegedly charged at Gainey to attack her, but the great-grandma stood her ground, swinging. As Gainey recalled, "I took that bat and hit him upside the head, like 'pi-yah!' He said, ‘Ow!’”

Police identified the suspect as Antonio Mosely. Authorities said Mosely ran from Gainey’s house to a nearby mobile home park, ditching his pants, shirt, and one sock along the way.

Mug shot of Antonio Mosely [Alachua County Jail]

Prowler Softball Bat

Photo by: Mug shot of Antonio Mosely [Alachua County Jail]

Mug shot of Antonio Mosely [Alachua County Jail]

A K-9 unit tracked Mosely down inside one of the mobile units, where he had put on a new pair of pants that had a bag of cocaine in the pocket. After the arrest, Gainey easily identified Mosely as her attempted attacker, citing the welt on his head from where she'd clobbered him. He’s being held on burglary and drug charges.

As a parting shot, Gainey added, “I put a good one on him! But he's in jail. I ain't got to worry about him no more. I bet you won't mess with that green goblin there! No more!”

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