Ex-NFL Dad Gives Peeping Tom Outside Daughter’s Window A Beatdown

Tony Beckham, a former Detroit Lion, held the suspect for police.

January 17, 2019
Geoffrey Cassidy [Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]

Geoffrey Cassidy [Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]

Geoffrey Cassidy [Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Mike McPadden

WELLINGTON, FL — Police arrested a man for allegedly peeking into and masturbating outside of a teenage girl’s bedroom window — but only after the teen’s dad, a retired NFL player, caught the suspect in the act and took him to the ground.

Geoffrey Cassidy, 48, is accused of committing lewd sexual acts outside the home of 40-year-old Tony Beckham, a former defensive cornerback who played for five seasons on the Detroit Lions and the Tennessee Titans.

According to the police, Beckham was walking to his car on Monday morning when he noticed a man outside his 14-year-old daughter’s window. Beckham told deputies the man was looking into the girl’s room as she was getting dressed, and that the peeper was “making a motion consistent with masturbating” while his “butt” was exposed.

When Beckham yelled, the voyeur took off, but the former football star gave chase and tackled the suspect. Beckham then held him on the ground for responding officers.

Police have since identified the accused peeper as Geoffrey Cassidy. After being arrested, he was treated for a fractured cheekbone and eye socket.

Beckham described the incident to WPTV, saying:

"My reaction [was], I don’t want him to get away. I thought he was a maintenance guy or something, trying to fix something. But then he squatted down and I could see his hand gestures moving. And I go, what are you doing? I startled him and he tried to take off running."

According to the affadavit, Cassidy is a self-described “transient” with arrest records related to burglary, theft, attempted receiving of stolen property, and criminal trespass. He now faces a charge of lewd and lascivious behavior.

Beckham said all of his daughters were traumatized by the incident, and he just did what came naturally, stating:

"Who else is going to take care of them? They’re my kids. I grew up without a dad. To see a man out there belittling himself to get a fix off a kid? That’s morally wrong to me. Maybe I stopped him from doing something more serious to another kid."

Cassidy was released on a $1,500 bond and ordered to have no contact with the Beckham family. He is due back in court on February 13.

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