Homeless Man Admits To Necrophilia; Gets 15 Years In Prison

Domonique Smith broke into a funeral home, stole a bike, and raped a corpse.

February 01, 2019
Domonique Smith [Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office]

Domonique Smith [Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office]

Domonique Smith [Muscogee County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Mike McPadden

COLUMBUS, GA — After more than three years of denials, a homeless man finally admitted in court to breaking into a funeral home in 2015, stealing a bicycle, and sexually violating a dead female body.

Last Monday in a Columbus Superior Court, Domonique Smith, 30, pleaded guilty to one count of necrophilia and one count of second-degree burglary. Judge Ron Mullins sentenced Smith to 15 years in prison, with 12 years to serve.

According to court records, surveillance cameras caught Smith illegally entering the Hill-Watson Peoples Funeral Service and twice stepping into the room where the corpse was located. Allegedly, the video also shows Smith removing underwear from the body, and stuffing the garment into his backpack. Smith also reportedly stole a bicycle from the premises.

As part of the guilty plea, District Attorney George Lipscomb said Smith has confessed to raping the lifeless body.

The case was repeatedly delayed due to Smith undergoing three separate psych evaluations to determine if he was competent to stand trial. The first two found Smith incompetent, but the most recent determined he was rational enough to be tried.

Julianne Skipper, Smith’s defense attorney, expressed relief at the guilty plea and added: “I really don’t know why he did it after this time, but I know that he struggled with the decision. I know it was difficult through the process of handling this case.”

Skipper added that she believes Smith is mentally competent at present. D.A. Lipscomb concurred, but added: “I think all of us would agree he’s got some issues.”

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