A Timeline Of Andy Dick’s Run-Ins With The Law

On May 11, the comedian-actor was arrested for felony sexual battery. Let’s take a look at his history with the law dating back to 1999.

May 13, 2022
Actor Andy Dick was arrested in May 2022 on felony sexual battery charges after a man alleged the comedian molested him. Dick is shown wearing a black suit with a black and white tie.

Actor Andy Dick was arrested in May 2022 on felony sexual battery charges after a man alleged the comedian molested him.

Photo by: Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images

Andy Dick has been arrested on felony sexual battery charges after a man alleged the comedian molested him, according to TMZ.

Dick had been living among a group of people in their RVs, in Orange County, California, and live streaming their lives together on a popular YouTube channel, Deadline reported.

Dick’s arrest was broadcast live, showing sheriff’s deputies handcuffing him. The Road Trip actor is being held on a $25,000 bond.

The comedian has a long history of inappropriate sexual touching and arrests, throughout the country.

Here is a quick snapshot of some of those incidents.


In 1999, Dick pleaded guilty to felony cocaine possession and misdemeanors for marijuana possession and possession of a smoking device, according to CBS News.

The Employee of the Month actor rammed his car into a pole and tried to run from the police, on foot, as reported by CNN.

Dick was ordered to repay the city of Los Angeles for the utility pole he crashed into and sentenced to three years’ probation.


In 2007, a year before his first alleged sexual battery arrest, Dick was dragged off the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live after repeatedly touching Ivanka Trump. The pair were both scheduled guests on the show that night.

According to reporting by The Hollywood Reporter, Dick greeted Trump by rubbing his hands on her legs.

In a YouTube clip of the incident, Dick asks Trump “you don’t play up the glitter on your legs?” Trump attempted to laugh it off while trying to move his hand.

Kimmel said “Andy, don’t, please, don’t touch Ivanka… Don’t. Trump will kill both of us,” before Dick was escorted off.


In 2008, Dick was arrested for theft and sexual battery in California. According to The Orange County Register, the comedian was “heavily intoxicated” and fondled the breast of a 17-year-old girl before attempting to pull her top down at a restaurant in Murrieta, California, a city that is 80 miles away from Los Angeles.

He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery and drug charges and was ordered to serve three years of probation and wear an alcohol monitor for a year, USA Today reported. Dick did not face felony sexual battery charges.


In 2011, Dick was arrested and charged with two counts of felony first-degree sexual abuse, according to the Herald Dispatch.

In an indictment filed in Huntington, West Virginia, on Jan. 23, 2010, Dick allegedly grabbed a bouncer’s genitals and groped and kissed a patron at a nightclub during a comedy show he was performing in.

According to SI Live, Dick pleaded not guilty and accused the men of just wanting to “get money from a celebrity.” Dick was able to avoid prison because criminal charges were dropped after he completed a six-month alcohol addiction program.

Also, in 2011, Dick was sued for sexual assault by a man who attended a December 2010 performance at a Dallas nightclub. The man claimed during a skit, on stage, Dick put his genitals on his face, as reported by The Wrap.

The suit alleged offensive physical contact, emotional distress, and defamation by conduct, but the claimant dropped the suit.


In 2018, Dick’s wife, Lena Sved, got a temporary restraining order against him after he allegedly got into multiple arguments with their son, while drunk.

According to PEOPLE, Dick was ordered to stay 100 yards from his wife and their children, Jacob and Meg. The order will remain in effect until March 2023.

Also, in 2018, Dick was accused of groping a woman’s buttocks and making lewd comments in Los Angeles.

He pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor sexual battery, according to Page Six.

He was sentenced to 14 days in jail.


In 2019, the comedian pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor count of sexual battery for allegedly groping his Lyft driver.

Dick’s attorney called the claim “completely baseless,” according to reporting by USA Today.


In 2021, Dick was arrested for felony domestic battery after allegedly hitting his boyfriend in the head with a liquor bottle.

The DailyMail reported the two got into a heated argument that turned physical. Dick also allegedly hit his partner, previously that year, with a frying pan.

Dick was released after posting a $50,000 bond.

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