Modern-Day 'Bonnie And Clyde’ Accused Of Committing 5 Murders Across 3 States

Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson face a slew of charges after their arrests in South Carolina.

June 09, 2021
Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson [via Chester County Detention Center]

Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson [via Chester County Detention Center]

Tyler Terry and Adrienne Simpson [via Chester County Detention Center]

By: Aaron Rasmussen

A South Carolina couple is accused of going on a crime spree and committing as many as five murders across three states.

Adrienne Simpson, 33, allegedly told authorities she and Tyler Terry, 26, fatally shot her estranged husband, Eugene Simpson, on May 2 in South Carolina, according to an arrest warrant.

The same day, the couple also allegedly killed Terry’s former romantic partner, Thomas Hardin, a 35-year-old Black transgender woman who went by her birth name.

In addition to the South Carolina slayings, Terry is accused of first-degree murder in connection with the May 15 shooting of Barbara Goodkin, 71, in her car in St. Louis County, Missouri, during an attempted robbery. She died the following day.

Her 74-year-old husband survived the attack due to a cell phone blocking a bullet, WCNC reported.

Terry also allegedly shot and robbed Dr. Sergei Zacaharev, 53, in a hotel parking lot in Brentwood, Missouri, while he was waiting for an Uber, police said.

Investigators connected the Missouri shootings after learning bullets from the two crimes matched. They then used surveillance video to get the license plate number of the suspects’ vehicle.

After the Missouri murders, Terry and Simpson returned to South Carolina, where authorities arrested Simpson on May 18. Terry was arrested almost one week later following an extensive statewide manhunt, according to NBC News.

The two now face a slew of charges between them, including multiple counts of murder.

“The way this appears is a modern-day version of Bonnie and Clyde,” said Brentwood Police Chief Joseph Spiess Jr.

Carol DeWitt, Simpson’s mother, reported that her daughter claimed Terry “manipulated” her into committing murder and that he was “abusive physically, verbally, mentally,” during their “toxic” relationship, according to LGBTQ Nation.

Investigators are still trying to determine a motive for Tyler and Simpson’s crime spree.

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