Teen Killed 5-Year-Old Brother, Cut Off & Ate His Penis In “Black Magic Ritual”: Cops

Police say she tortured, suffocated, and mutilated the boy, whose remains were found surrounded by black candles.

April 09, 2019
Karina Roque [Sao Paulo Police]

Photo by: Karina Roque [Sao Paulo Police]

Karina Roque [Sao Paulo Police]

By: Mike McPadden

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — A teenage girl has confessed to torturing and murdering her five-year-old brother, after which she cut off and ate his penis in what might have been an occult ritual, according to police in Brazil.

Karina Roque, 18, has been arrested on suspicion of murder in the death of her brother Maycon Roque, age five.

Maycon’s mother discovered the boy’s body last Thursday, after another relative forced their way into the family’s home. Once inside, they reportedly found Karina next to her brother’s remains, surrounded by black candles.

Police say the boy’s head had been partially severed and that both his eyeballs had been pierced, his feet had been burned, and he sustained stab wounds around his wrists.

According to arrest documents, Karina said she “had cut off her brother's genital organs and eaten them.” Police are looking into whether the crime had been part of a black magic ritual.

The incident reportedly occurred after the siblings’ mother left to go shopping and asked Karina to look after Maycon, as she had done many times before. Upon returning home, the mom could not get inside the house, so she called for help.

Upon finding the gruesome scene, the child’s mother is said to have passed out from shock. Relatives then attempted to hold Karina for the police, and she allegedly became violent and even bit the family’s pet dog.

Detective Anderson Góes told the press: “They tried to prevent her from running, but she apparently became very aggressive and started throwing objects. Her uncle was hit and injured by a stone and she bit the family dog which attacked her while she was being restrained by relatives.”

The detective said Karina told investigators that she lured Maycon into her room by pretending they were going to play a game. She then allegedly suffocated him with a pillow.

Preliminary examinations indicate that Maycon was dead before his body was cut up, burned, and cannibalized, but a full report is still in progress.

Officers also reportedly discovered a burned cellphone, a memory card, a penknife, and a small amount of marijuana on the premises. It’s believed that, in burning the cellphone, Karina was attempting to destroy evidence.

As for the black candles, Detective Góes said, “We are investigating if the child was killed during some kind of devil worshipping ritual. We want to know if the accused had links on social networks to a group of Satanists or black magic practitioners and if she was encouraged or incited by someone to commit the crime. She will also undergo tests to see if she is under the influence of drugs.”

Karina’s family said the teen had never given them any problems before and that she had “always taken care of her brother.”

At present, Karina is being held at Votorantim Women’s Prison in Sao Paulo, where she is on suicide watch.

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