Morgan Freeman's Granddaughter Shot Video Of Boyfriend Hours Before He Stabbed Her To Death

Lamar Davenport gets angry and yells at E'Dina Hines to turn the light off. He says, "Am I to walk toward it and die!? This is killing me stop it!"

September 19, 2018
By: Catherine Townsend

A video documenting the final day of Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter E’Dina Hines — just hours before her boyfriend stabbed her to death — was shown in court on Wednesday.

In the 2015 footage, Lamar Davenport, 30, appears to be high on PCP while sitting at a table with a friend. The New York Post has identified the friend in the video as Raymond Rosario.

Hines, 33, is filming. At times, Davenport appears to be in a playful mood, but he begins to get angry at one point and can be heard telling Hines to turn the light off. He then says, “Am I to walk toward it and die!? This is killing me stop it!”

Hours later, at around 2:50 A.M. on August 16, 2015, Davenport flew into a rage and killed Hines.

Davenport’s attorneys have argued that he is not guilty by reason of insanity because he was suffering from psychosis caused by a “bad batch” of PCP when he attacked Hines in the brownstone they shared.

In an emotional day of testimony in a Manhattan court, Hines’ mother Deena Adair, 55, said that she spent the last day of her daughter’s life with her. Adair said that they went to Queens to see a house, and had plans to meet up the following day.

A witness, nursing student Cristina Aviles, described the moment she saw Davenport straddling Hines on the street outside of their building and “restraining her” during an argument.

He was yelling things about releasing the devil out of her. And then he pulled out a knife, and then he proceeded to stab her multiple times,” she said. Aviles said she watched “in shock.

Hines was the daughter of Morgan Freeman’s first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. She reportedly had a close relationship with the actor.

Hines and Davenport had been together for nine years. During this time, he reportedly used drugs and fathered children with other women.

Davenport denies the killing. He was taken to a psychiatric facility immediately after her death, and has been in custody ever since.

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