Milwaukee Man Allegedly Admits To Punching 2-Month-Old, Leading To Baby’s Death

Kenta Evans, 21, faces a single felony charge of first degree reckless homicide in the death of the infant.

June 11, 2019

Kenta Evans [Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office]

Kenta Evans [Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office]

By: Catherine Townsend

MILWAUKEE, WI - Kenta Evans, 21, faces a single felony charge of first degree reckless homicide after baby Jaquerrion Dancer was taken to the hospital on June 5 and died later that night, according to Fox 8 News.

Doctors treated the baby for skull fractures, hemorrhaging and other brain injuries. Jaquerrion later died from his injuries, and following an autopsy the preliminary manner of death was ruled a homicide. The baby's mother, Jessica McNeal, told police that earlier that day Evans had come to see the infant. But he allegedly became angry and started accusing her of having other men in the house. According to what McNeal allegedly told authorities, Evans took her cell phone and threw it against the wall. As the argument escalated Evans "started punching Jessica McNeal repeatedly with closed fists, all while Jessica McNeal was continuing to hold JD," according to court documents cited by Fox 8 News. According to a criminal complaint, McNeal's sister intervened and drove the baby to a hospital. When the baby arrived at the hospital he was bleeding from the mouth and "barely breathing," according to the news channel.

Evans reportedly left the scene, and police later found him hiding in a closet at his mother's house, whereupon they arrested him.

Police said Evans later admitted to being involved in a fight with McNeal - and told authorities that he believed he had hit the baby several times with a closed fist.

Evans' father, Kenta Evans Sr., said that while his son attacked Jaquerrion, the mother put the child "in harm's way" by picking him up to use him "for a shield," according to Fox 8 News.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Jaquerrion Dancer "might be Evans' son."

A preliminary hearing for Evans has been set for June 20, with his bond reportedly set at $200,000.

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