Sister Of Delphi Murder Victim Libby German Streams Live On YouTube To 'Debunk Rumors'

Kelsi German addressed speculation regarding the 2017 “Delphi Snapchat Murders” of her sister, Liberty German, and Abigail Williams.

July 10, 2019
Kelsi German [YouTube/screenshot]; Liberty "Libby" German [Indiana State Police]

Photo by: Kelsi German [YouTube/screenshot]; Liberty "Libby" German [Indiana State Police]

Kelsi German [YouTube/screenshot]; Liberty "Libby" German [Indiana State Police]

By: Mike McPadden

DELPHI, IN — Kelsi German, the older sister of 2017 homicide victim Liberty “Libby” German, live-streamed on YouTube to “debunk rumors” surrounding the case, which has come to be known as the “Delphi Snapchat murders.”

The case centers on the killings of Libby German, 14, and her best friend, Abigail "Abby" Williams, 13, who were found dead on February 14, 2017, one day after they departed for a hike on a trail near their homes in Delphi, Indiana.

The last communication from the girls was a Snapchat photo Libby posted of Abby crossing over abandoned railroad tracks on Monon High Bridge.

Police later released other items from Libby’s phone, including a grainy photo of a man crossing the same bridge, and a muffled voice recording of someone saying, “Down the hill.”

Investigators have followed multiple leads and released multiple sketches of a potential person of interest. Still, the girls’ murders remain unsolved — and, allegedly, counterproductive speculation has been cropping up around the case.

On July 9, Kelsi German took to YouTube to directly address and dispel any such gossip with a live-streaming session.

Kelsi, who is minoring in forensics at Ball State, said the police are doing a great job and she’s always willing to share any and all information they’ve given her about the case.

Some observers have allegedly griped that Derrick German, Libby and Kelsi’s dad, should be more forthcoming. Addressing those critics, Kelsi said, “They will change our words. They twist our words all the time, and he doesn't want you guys to do that, so he just chooses not to speak…. To go along with that, there is a rumor that Libby actually called him at 2:30 to ask him to pick them up, which our phone records show that's not true.”

As to claims that her grandfather may have been involved, Kelsi said, “When we go to the beach, he wouldn't let us go past our ankles because he was worried about us getting eaten by sharks. That’s how kind and caring he is. That's the kind of person people are saying could do something like this, and that is crazy to me.”

Regarding claims that other relatives may be hiding something, Abby said, “Absolutely no one refused a lie-detector test, that is a very big misconception.... Contrary to what most people seem to think, we really like our law enforcement. They are super encouraging. They are very honest with us. They are amazing, and I am so proud of their work.”

Anyone with information regarding the case is urged to email:

For more on this case, watch the "Down the Hill" episode of Investigation Discovery's Still a Mystery on ID GO now!

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